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Top 10 Best Operating Systems For Ethical Hacking & Testing

Ethical hacking is becoming increasingly popular

Top 10 Best Operating Systems For Ethical Hacking & Testing

Hacking has got the very popular adjective “Ethical” as its ardent follower that has in a sense opened up a number of opportunities for the developers to add on more to their coding skills. Hacking as we know it was not covered under the legal measure but adjoining the word ethical has made it a vogue these days. That pretty much states that ethical hacking is allowed. Getting a step ahead made me realized that operating systems do play their important role in making ethical hacking a breeze for the developers and the geeky users alike. The number of such operating systems is there available for the users in a huge count but I am a little bias to include the ones that are either popular or makes ethical hacking a breeze for users.

While having my research on (also to look for the best testing system), I came across the list of the most efficient Linux distros for hacking purposes that a real geek can never miss. Before we get into the briefing, l would you to know more the OS that the list includes. The compilation has the candidates like, Linux distros like Kali Linux, Parrot Security OS, BlackArch, etc. that are very much exceptional for the similar reason.

Let’s Start The Countdown!


Being an Ubuntu-based operating system, Backbox focuses much on the security assessment as well as on the penetration testing. And the additional perks, the system comes with an extended range of analysis tools that provide security in addition.

backbox linux

The tools are exceptionally helpful in web application analysis and networking analysis as well. And the fact that Backbox has its integrated complete desktop environment is the icing on the cake. This easy-to-use Linux distro is fast enough to use and secured enough to trust. The system gets updated regularly with the software repos of the hacking tool with the most stable versions, which makes it a trusted operating system.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux is one of the toppers in the list that is prescribed here. The operating system being the Debian-based has 600+ pre-installed pen testing tools that add more to the security toolbox. Being one among the versatile tools, the system is regularly updated for the users. The additional tools with the system are also updated in order to make the platform available for platforms like ARM and VMware. The live boot capacity of the operating system adds more feather to its cap. For the same reason, the system becomes a perfect fit for the forensic job. In addition to all this, the live boot capability provides a perfect environment to detect vulnerabilities. Currently, Kali Linux is based on a rolling release model.


The most exciting news for the hackers with Pentoo comes as it is one of the best operating systems available for ethical hacking with live CD. All that users need to do is to create a bootable USB of the Pentoo to boot on the PC.


That’s it, there is no additional requirement to installation. Just run the operating system on your personal computer and start the ethical hacking efforts. It will make the task a breeze for you. The operating system is available in two different versions including 32-bit and 64-bit. The latter has significant speed if compared with the former and that’s why it makes the system the best fit for hacking attempts.

Network Security Toolkit

Network security toolkit also referred to as NST is another Linux based security system that hackers can opt for. This Linux-based Live CD provides a set of open source computer security networking tools that help developers in performing routine security services. In addition, the networking based diagnostic and monitoring also get easy as soon as a developer or a hacker opts for this operating system. The distribution of the tool can be used as a networking analysis that also helps in monitoring on the server hosting virtual machines. In case, you are looking for packaged management security, opting for the tools would help exceptionally.

DEFT Linux

DEFT or (Digital Evidence and Forensics Toolkit) is purely based on GNU Linux and DART (Digital Advanced Response Toolkit) that is basically a forensics system which includes some of the best tools for forensics and incident response. Getting back to the DEFT Linux, it is basically designed to run live on the system in order to carry out forensic tasks.


The system can run live without damaging the hard disk or any other storage media. Being consistent with more than 100 hacking and forensic tools, the tool is rated high for being exceptional. The tool is presently managed by Stefano Fratepietro along with a team of other developers, and, the best news, the system is available without any charge for the users. The system is equally innovational to be used by pen testers, ethical hackers, government officers and IT auditors as well.

Samurai Web Testing Framework

Samurai Web Testing Framework can be categorized as a live Linux environment. The operating system comes pre-configured to work as a web pen-testing platform. Besides using the OS for ethical hacking, the framework can be used for detecting vulnerabilities in the system. Another exceptional news about the OS is that it comes for free. Not only the system is free but a set of open source hacking tools comes along. These tools help in detecting vulnerabilities in websites. It’s often called the best operating system for Web penetration testing. The multiple hacking tools’ set is just exceptional to use for the particular reason.

BlackArch Linux

For those who are searching for complete Linux distribution, BlackArch Linux is the best bet. It is as valuable for security researcher as it is for an ethical hacker. The operating system has been derived from Arch Linux, which the ethical hackers can also add as one of the components on the top of the system. With more than 1400 tools, the tool has remained one favorite to the hackers all these times.

blackarch linux

The best news about these tools is that they are tested-well before getting added to the system. Ardent testing before adding these tools into the database helps users to get a system that is as much renowned as the brand associated with it.  


Backtrack is one of the well-known operating systems that is based on Linux. Its set of features makes it the best fit for a number of purposes. Backtrack is popularly known as one of the best pen testing and network cracking operating systems. In case, you are one of the developers looking for hacking tips with privacy settings, choose the OS for the best assistance. It is one of the best security systems that has a great security environment. It can be tagged as one of the best OS to apply for security concerns. The operating system includes Metasploit for integration, which is again a delighting news for the developers to hold interest in hacking attempts.

Parrot Security OS

Another Debian-based security OS that is created by the team of Frozenbox. The operating system is not only the best offering from the company but cloud-friendly too. That makes it the best offering.


The system is Linux based and is designed particularly for ethical hacking the easier way. In addition to this, the software can also be used for pen testing, computer forensic, cryptography and much more. When compared with other systems, Parrot Security OS stands out because of high efficiency. The tools are recognized legally and that is why it becomes more prominent for the hackers. Working and surfing anonymously come along with this system

Fedora security spin

It is a safe testing environment for doing the security audits the right way. Being a safe test environment, the system is equally ideal for system rescue and teaching purposes. And, the best news, it is maintained by a group of smart testers and developers. The popular lightweight Xfce Desktop Environment powers the operating system, which is another great news about this security system. Fedora security spin has all the required security tools embedded in the system, which adds extra points to the system apart from its integrated environment. All this makes it a smart offering for the smart ethical hacker.

Cyborg Hawk Linux

As one of the most advanced systems, Cyborg Hawk Linux is secured, integrated and a great offering for the ethical hackers. It is one of the best managed Ubuntu-based systems for the users. The distribution in the testing Lixun has been created by Ztrela Knowledge Solutions Pvt Ltd. The distribution has been added with 700 plus tools, which is again a great offering for the ethical hackers.

The Bottom Line

How did you find out our list comprising the best Linux based operating systems? In case, it is a yes, do pour your views regarding the same in the comment section below. And, if you have keen interest in knowing more about the ethical hacking practices, stay tuned to our channel until we come up with another exciting post just for you!

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