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Before You Go Vegas: Top Casino Games To Know About

Just a helping hand to make you a pro gambler You Go Vegas: Top Casino Games To Know About

What pops-up to your mind when I say Vegas? The strips? Or the sparkles? The glamor? Or the luxury? Or it is a scene where travelers from around the world are having a massive blast with their cold-brewed beer glasses in their hands? Hold it there, did I miss the casino? The heart of all the attractions that Vegas is known for. Wouldn't you like to get a taste of it to refine your gambling skills? Why not get the lessons the practical way? It is only going to add up to your personality and who knows you become the “pro” at a game that in all its pure form regarded as the paradise (read in Vegas only) of gaming. All set to give it a roll? 

Top Casino Apps

Before giving the real taste, let me allow you some time to arrange your Coors Light beside and yes don’t forget the refreshments. You would be needing them time to time.

All Right! Get, Set, Go!!

1. Blackjack

My very first pick is Blackjack, obviously the number one among allowing for a variety of reasons. The classic table game is not only about the LUCK but a lot of STRATEGIES. The game starts as soon as you choose your bet (deciding on the dollar to bet). The game is played with one to eight decks of 52-card decks.


After the player decides the bet, cards are distributed and the game starts. Each player is given two different cards. The game dealer gets two cards himself one of which faces up and called as “hold-card”. There are different sorts of variations to Blackjack gambling and this is why the game is quite popular among real gamers. 

2. Roulette

It won’t go wrong if I declare Roulette a game that eagerly needs the luck to be at your side. The pro trip for players is keeping the house edge (player’s built-in advantage, and casino’s average profit from the player) small enough by choosing French Roulette when it is available and European Roulette when not.

While playing the game, ensure that the casino is offering the bonuses and the comps for the spins that you are making at the table. Some of the most interesting Roulette variations include Marvel Roulette that has got an extra slot for the users. 

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3. Gaminator

Gaminator is one of the favorite social casinos that offer the best slots. It has also one of the best social communities that keep on playing and contributing to the same for enhancing the game. The game is completely free to play and includes online slots to offer to the players. The modern online slots have mini-games and include the bonus. Premium slots are there to play the game for which the users need to open accounts. ???????


Talking about the free games, they are available with impressive graphics along with great sound effects. All the offerings have been made by keeping one goal in the mind, which is to make user’ stay as pleasant as it could be while playing the game.

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4. Craps

Craps basically come under the category of a dice game. The wagers are being made on the outcome of the roll or on the series of a roll by the dice pair. The game depends much on the luck as the rules state if the dice turn up with a seven or an 11 on the very first roll, the player wins whatever they bet for. ???????


In case, the dice shows up a two, three or 12, players loss the bet. Meanwhile, the dice remains with the player only. In case of a four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten, the players earn extra points. Players keep up rolling the dice until they get a seven and loses the dice and the money to hand over the chance to the rival. 

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5. Bingo

Bingo is more of a matchmaking game. In this game, players try to select numbers (random ones) that could match up to their card’s number. The card features 5*5 metrics and the column represents a B-I-N-G-O. The middle square is considered a free square. The first person who makes out a specific pattern most commonly a straight line calls out for “BINGO”.


The cards are checked for accuracy and the winner is announced and that’s how the game progresses. For those who are not very much acquainted with BINGO, the game may seem a bit difficult earlier.  

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The bottom line

Mentioning all about a game that in some of the continents is regarded as the paradise is obviously not possible. And, the fact that you are prepared enough to give the game a try satisfies my commitment to writing on the topic. Why not have a real hands-on by choosing any one of the following games?

You could always write back to me to share your concerns in the comment section below. Our team loves hearing back from you. Have a real encounter and yes don’t forget your pint of beer to take along!

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