Managing Your Google Privacy Settings Was Never That Easy

Take a quick guide of all the security features available on your Google account.

Safe Google Browsing

At such a time when scams like Cambridge Analytic and data theft are making the headline, one needs to get updated about any possible trick that can save you from getting exploited. Each one of us does share some or the other kind of personal information on various online platforms. But is it safe enough from million of prying eyes lurking in the dark web?

In a recent meeting between Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg and  Senate Judiciary & Commerce committees, Zuckerberg admitted of data theft from one of the most widely used social media platform. Facebook doomed into the ocean of controversies for its association with Donald Trump's 2016 election campaign, that lead to Mr. Trump’s victory over the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. The scam led to the harvesting of personal data of almost 87 million Facebook users which was further manipulated in order to sway the US voters in favour of Trump. So just give it a thought, if the internet industry majors can’t escape from the serious threat of security violations, then where do you stand on the ladder of privacy.

If you turn your attention to Google, you will realize how much of web chunk this search engine engulfs. From being the most extensively used search engine to billion of search requests made per day, Google is actively involved in areas which are way beyond our imagination. According to Alexa rankings, Google remains the most visited website.

So, you can well imagine what all Google holds and at the same time, it does make some sense when I stress the significance of Google Privacy Settings. For many of us, it may be an unfamiliar subject, but if you take your privacy quite sternly then you need to come up with tech terms. And for people who have already pulled up their socks to deal with any kind of mishappening, you can double cross your facts and manage the privacy in a better way.

Keeping a Tab on Your Google Privacy

It is self-explained that Google earns money through selling various advertising based on the information it acquires the users by many of its services. Therefore, by just tweaking your privacy settings from the “My Account” feature can save a great deal of your personal information. In case you own multiple Google accounts for your different profiles, you can check it from the menu bar.

Now, in order to secure your account fully, you need to perform the following three functions:

  1. Security Checkup

  2. Sign-in & security

  3. Privacy Checkup

A. Security Checkup

A rectangular box can be located at the top right corner of your screen, where the first option is “My Account.” On clicking it, various options will pop up and among them, you can easily pick the “Security Checkup.” Selecting the Security Checkup option, you will be guided to the following info:

  • Sign-in & Recovery

  • Your devices

  • Recent security activity

  • Third-party access

App Privacy

Any things set apart with a yellow cautioning circle needs to get a quick overview. For instance, in the event that you see gadgets, you never again utilize recorded under Your Devices, forbid them. Third-party access will list applications and administrations that approach your Google information which may land you in trouble.

If you haven't officially initiated 2-step confirmation, read it and get down to the segment particular to Google. After turning on two-factor verification, the password alone wouldn’t help you to log in, you'll require a secondary technique for confirmation. It includes an additional security layer. In the event, if somebody takes your password, your information won’t go for a toss.

To verify your actions, you can utilize a code that is sent by means of voice or instant message or showed inside an authenticator application. You can also choose the Google "prompt" highlight, which shows a notice on your cell phone inquiring as to whether you're trying to sign into your Google account. And if it is authenticated action, simply tap yes.

In case you have already reaped the benefits of this option, further, you can set up additional details like entering secondary cell phone numbers or disable the options which you will probably never again utilize. You can likewise get backup keys for such circumstances when you can't access your cell phone, or putting hardware security key in the backup. Also, if look down to Devices you don’t trust, just simply turn off the access and then you need to follow an entire 2FA login on every single gadget.

B. Sign-in & Security

After that, roll back to My Account section, where you will find Sign-in and security page.

1. Signing in to Google

signing in to google

Under that, click on "Signing into Google," there you can modify your password if you wish. Here you can see when was the last time when you changed your password. Google will disclose to you to what extent it's been since you last transformed it. On the off chance that it's been over a year, you better immediately focus your attention to think about a new one.

2. Device Activity & Security Events

device & security

Then, in case if you've made any App passwords, consider removing them, if you rarely use such apps. At that point, ensure you have filled in the Account recovery choices with a backup email and cell phone number not really identified with Google.

3. Apps with Account Access

Additionally, scrutinize all the Apps with access to your record, as it's a basic audit of the applications, sites, and gadgets associated by means of your Google account. Sometimes, it could be as dark as a Google Chrome expansion that works aligning Gmail that you don't recollect. Simply, just chuck out such Google Chrome extension which you know you're not utilizing any longer. In the event that you dispose of something you required, you can add it up later.

apps with account access

Subsequently, inspect the rundown of saved Google passwords, which gets saved by means of Google Smart Lock from Google Chrome browser. It runs on Android OS and the Google Chrome program that amass passwords for pretty much everything. It makes it exceptionally helpful for signing into administrations and sites, yet it can strike another way round too.

Erase all the sites that you don’t recollect and in case of any copies, just dispose of them. In case you don't know which one to erase, just tap the eye symbol () and it'll further popup the password you utilized for each saves. In the event that you've been exercising with Chrome for long, there are pretty much chances that you'll see sites which you don't surf anymore, and that most likely never again exist.

You can also turn Smart Lock off so you're never asked again as to whether you need to store passwords. You can likewise disable the Auto sign-in alternative. It stores passwords which Google expects you to enter them. At the base, the rundown shows sites you've notified Google to never save passwords for. In the event that you need to store a password for the site, later on, erase them.

C. Privacy Checkup

To land up into the Privacy Checkup section, fall back to the My Account page. It is basically a multi-step exercise that gives you a chance to survey how Google utilizes your information.

Control Panel

1. Control what others see about you

On the first step, it enables you to oversee all your activity on YouTube that includes the videos you liked and saved, subscribed channels, and what appears on your YouTube activity section. You can likewise utilize this platform to confine what goes on associated accounts like Twitter and deal with the security of all kinds of videos you transfer.

Next is Google Photos privacy. The alternatives are restricted to disabling the capacity for better face matching and expelling geo-location on things shared by a connection, a more crucial option. That implies on the off chance that you share a photograph of yourself, not anyone can peep into metadata on the picture and locate your area. It just applies to content that you share through a connection.

The “Help People Connect with you” feature is tied to concealing your enlisted telephone numbers on Google, so they it can't get utilized by anyone to discover you for stuff like a video chat. In case, if you own a Google Voice account, it will likewise show up here. To go private, simply uncheck all the boxes.

Google+ still remains an informal social network platform that strives on the Google's foundation, enough with the goal that regardless you have a choice here to avert sharing photographs, recordings, and reviews you have composed. Make sure to verify the connection for "Edit Your Shared Endorsement Settings" in case you don't need your reviews on Google to be read by everyone.

2. Personalize Your Google Experience

The next focus point is the Personalize your Google encounter section where you can keep a check on all your information and Google usage from being utilized. Despite the fact that Google advocates that this information is just used to help your future exercises. It's basically how Google finds out about you and makes things less demanding later on as you utilize its items, similar to how Google Maps or Google Assistant appear to comprehend what you need before you even inquire.

A check mark shows up alongside every one of the things where information is being gathered. Tap the down arrow () to one side and you can flip off the alternatives. Each section incorporates a link that peruses "Manage Activity" with various choices for each. Under Location History, you can locate Manage Activity. For instance, you'll see what's known as the Google Maps Timeline: a map showing areas where you likewise signed into Google. There's even course information on the off chance that you utilized Google Maps to get someplace. If you think, Google is pitching it to others, regardless of their tall claims, just limit it all.

Consider constraining your location services, so that Google quit following your location by means of your cell phone. Keep in mind, Google makes the dominant part of its money by demonstrating you advertisements in searches of Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube. To tackle such an issue, you require an ad blocker feature like Adblock Plus. Everything you can do here is restricting the amount you are focused on.

3. Make Ads More Relevant to You

Further, you can tap on the Manage Your Ad Settings to look at the rundown of subjects you liked. Click on the toggle up the option to kill any personalization. However, Google will fly up a notice of why it will influence advertisements you to see "less helpful."

Other Useful Tools

        1. My Activity

In case you're keen on observing all your activities at one place, you can simply check everything at, which demonstrates your every Google-related activity. The measure of information is really stunning. If you think that the data is something personal to you and don’t want it to get slipped into the hands of someone, who may exploit it, just click Delete activity by in the left navigation.

        2. Google Takeout

If you keep on pondering about the data Google has about you, then get it downloaded by means of Google Takeout. Though, it won’t erase any information from Google servers, but will merely inform you what Google has put away. Regardless of whether you try to erase your records, it's impossible it gets deleted altogether.

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