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Top 10 Challenging Android Games of All Times

Are you bored of regular games on your Android smartphone? Then you need to check these games out. 10 Challenging Android Games of All Times

Nowadays, putting yourself in a challenging situation is more than just fun. It can be done in order to test our brain or reflexes. But if we wish to engage ourselves in something more creative than just going haywire wouldn’t work. There are a bunch of Android games available on Playstore which can check your patience level to the fullest and in some cases, few games can even frustrate the hell out of you. After all, every developer wants to add some x-factor into their development, so that their game can sit atop of everybody else.

Who would mind if challenges are accompanied by some amusement? In this post, we have listed some really arduous game journey’s one needs to try at least once.

However, the game list is quite flunky. So, don’t expect the range of size, features or graphics. And don’t take us responsible after going through the hours of strain in dealing with them.

1. Duet

The gaming app is developed by Kumobius and ranks as one of the toughest nuts to crack. As the name goes, Duet game involves two balls and your task is to keep the balls in sync against all odds. The game seems pretty interesting puzzle and involves saving yourself from obstacles and rotating it through various platforms. On both sides of the screen, controls are given to rotate the balls.

Initially, it starts with some candid levels and then zooms into to another magnitude. Here the twist is, starting levels of the game are free to play, but afterward the player needs to do in-app purchases to keep going on.

Download from Google Play

Google Play review: 4.5

2. Hundreds

The initial glimpse of 30 levels of this game may trick you to think that it’s an easy-peezy game. But don’t fall into the trap, what follows is really baffling. Hundreds will make you struggle enough to make your mark. After going past level 40, this Android game will put your analytical ability into the severe test. It offers over 100 puzzles to try.
It’s basically a puzzle game where you try to tap and grow small bubbles till the time it doesn’t add up to 100 without touching each other. And you were thinking that you are pro at gaming!

Download from Google Play

Google Play review: 4.0


QWOP is a classic brain game that will make you addicted to it. It has five gaming mode that includes 100m, Hurdles, Long Jump, Steeplechase, and 50km Walk. The graphics display local sporting hero of a prosperous country in the Scandinavian Alps and from there you need to get going that too without taking any training program.

If you are good enough, beat the world record of 51 seconds and be at the pinnacle of success.

Download from Google Play

Google Play review: 4.1

4. Traffic Lanes 2

Traffic is always frustrating, no matter where you find it. But what if you get a chance to organize the vehicles and manage the traffic flow, sounds interesting? It’s not that simple in Traffic lanes 2. You have to oversee the traffic lights that malfunction and need a hell load of patience to guide through it. The good thing about this Android game is that you can direct the traffic flow from the settings according to your comfort.
What makes this interesting is that it offers 60 unique maps and three different game modes. And to make the game more exciting, weather effects can be altered.

Download from Google Play

Google Play review: 4.5

5. 10000000

As the name of this game is very unique, so does the skills required to play it. 10000000 is a combination of Castlevania and Candy Crush in which you get loot by matching various icons. Here, you can upgrade your castle, improve your gear, train skills and much more. You can only enjoy it after mastering the tactics of playing.

It offers 60 objectives to complete with over 20 different monster types to fight. That seems  quite fascinating.

Download from Google Play

Google Play review: 4.5

6. The Impossible Game

The name says it all. It can be termed as possibly the world's hardest game. The gamer has to guide a little orange square in a path while avoiding little spikes. It might sound easy, but difficulty level can be gauged only after playing it. The toil hits you when you die and you can again start everything from the ground zero. The game level gets more challenging once you proceed further.
Its awesome soundtrack will not let you get bored and you can easily play it for hours.

Download from Google Play

Google Play review: 4.1

7. Dancing Line

If you look at the Google Play review of this game, you can well analyze the popularity of this game. Dancing Line is one of the challenging games of all times. But at the same time, the addiction level of it is simply amazing.

Dancing line

While listening to the appeasing music, you have to guide a line through various platforms and obstacles. It puts your reflexes and rhythm skills to the acid test. Drawing a simple line may sound very elementary but trust us, the game ranks in top hammer hard games and that obviously has some reason behind it.

Download from Google Play

Google Play review: 4.8

8. Orble

The game is all about balls. No, we are talking about the balls used in Orble to play. You are the gray ball, you have to avoid the orange balls and collect the Green balls. This Android game requires hand-eye coordination of next level. Here, you have to go through ultimate reflexes test to survive. One mistake and you are gone. Orble calls for a lot of patience.
The developer, Chandruscm has actually mentioned that it is simple yet mercilessly difficult to master. If you think, you are up for the challenge, take it head-on and prove them wrong.

Download from Google Play

Google Play review: 4.3

9. Super Hexagon

The game is a minimal action game by Terry Cavanagh. Super Hexagon is counted amongst the first of the few difficult games to achieve popularity. It only requires you to drive a bunch of hexagons toward a center point which involves lucid mechanics.


After playing it for a while, if you think you have become pro, try increasing the difficulty level. We don’t think you would be able to stay for long enough. It includes flashing lights, speed, and uncanny rhythms to keep the user engrossed.

Download from Google Play

Google Play review: 4.7

10. Smash Hit

If you are known for your destructive instinct then you should go to this game without a second thought. Smash hit actually mean hit and smash everything that comes around your way. It not only calls for patience but also a lot of focus and timing. These factors will help you to travel long and smash every magnificent glass you see. The user has to just keep moving while making alignment with sound and music.
In every stage, the game offers over 50 different rooms with 11 different graphic styles and realistic glass-breaking methods. In case you find it very compelling then there is always an optional premium upgrade which will enable loads of incredible stuff including new game modes, detailed statistics, and the ability to continue from checkpoints.

Download from Google Play

Google Play review: 4.5

Conclusion: So, here we come to an end. This doesn’t actually mean that no other Android game is competent enough to be listed here. It’s just we swear upon the above mentioned. We would like to see some additions from your side to make the experience better.

Come and join us for the unbeatable worldliness.

Vikram Khajuria
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