Apple Is Building Two Health Care Centers For The Employees

Apple To Set-Up Tech-Enabled Health Care Centers For Its Employees

The health care centers will be launched in the Spring, Apple Says To Set-Up Tech-Enabled Health Care Centers For Its Employees

Apple is all set to launch its own primary healthcare clinic, naming AC Wellness for its employees. In order to provide effective health care benefits and services, the company is setting up two healthcare centers in California. Similar to the Amazon’s initiation for the health care of its employees the tech giant is also stepping into the healthcare unit. Amazon joined hands with JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway for serving its employees better health care services.

The iPhone maker has already started the advertisement for the job of primary care Physician. Asking for the expertise in preventing future diseases, precaution therapy and skills in care delivery with the help of technology. The vacancy has been advertised for the two health care centers that the company is launching in the Spring at Santa Clara County, California near the Cupertino headquarter. According to Apple, both the healthcare centers will provide incomparable services enabled with the latest technology for the employees.

For the instance, Apple has almost 120,000 employees and considering the count the health care is one of the most cost taking department. By bringing the health care service under its own roof, Apple will be able to cut down the cost substantially. According to the stats, the total expenditure on the health care in 2016 was 3.3 trillion in the US. Moreover, the company is planning to expand its reach into the healthcare sector. Apple watch is already on the market that contains healthcare monitoring features along with fitness tracking.

In addition, Apple is also searching for the designers to set up effective healthcare programs for the employees. The programs will aim to prevent future diseases and provide price precautions to tackle any potential harm to the employee’s health. Nowadays, the companies are investing much in the employee's health as it is important for company's overall performance.  Along with this, the tech giant will also provide new technologies to its healthcare centers for testing purposes. There are reports that Apple is already indulged in the heart health studies to explore the heart rate parting methods with Stanford School of Medicine using its Apple Watch.

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