7 Unknown Instagram Features You Should Know About
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7 Instagram Amazing Features That You Were Missing All This Time

Check Out these tricks and options on your Instagram account now

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Social media is something that no smartphone user can go without using every single day. We all have the urge to check our friend's posts and updates after every hour on the social media platforms. Instagram plays a major role in spreading the social media sharing addiction among smartphone users. Facebook-owned image and video sharing platform is too hard to leave when you start scrolling down through the posts. Instagram offers a number of alluring features including stories direct message and sharing videos with special effects. However, There are some hidden Instagram features and options that you may not have discovered yet, in that case, we are going to unveil those options for you.

Use these 7 below mentioned Instagram tricks to enhance your social media experience

1. Send Posts To Archive

Have you ever thought to delete the pic of your embarrassing tattoo that you posted on Instagram 4 years ago? But suddenly dropped the idea due to the question, how your feed will look like without that post. Once you have deleted that post it won't be coming back, but there is another way for avoiding this situation and it is Archive. You can send that post to Archive and it will be removed from your feed, you can transfer back the post to your feed anytime. To use this Instagram feature, open any of your post clicks on the three dots in the corner. You will find the Archive option clicking which will put that post in the Archive folder.

2. Turn On The Notification

You must be following hundreds of people, brands, and other groups. Scrolling through their post is something that you never afford to miss. However, you need to open their page to look out for the latest Instagram post if you missed checking your feed for a while. But, what if the Instagram notify you whenever your favorite user or page posts something? Yes, you can activate the notification. Go to that particular user’s Instagram page and click the three dots in the upper right corner to reveal the Turn on the notification option.

3. Place Selfie Sticker

This is the most interesting Instagram feature especially for the regular story users. What will be more interesting than taking a normal selfie? Try selfie sticker that you can stick anywhere you want. In order to add a selfie sticker, take photo or video on Instagram then tap the smiley icon present at the right corner. Now, tap the camera button available in a magic folder and take the selfie. The selfie will be added as a sticker and you can place it anywhere you want in the post.

4. Know Your Likes

While scrolling through Instagram feed you throw hearts at the posts you find interesting. Weather its meme or a selfie from your favorite movie star you can't let it go without liking. But, do you know Instagram keeps a record of everything that you have ever liked on the platform. To know your recently liked post head towards your Instagram profile and click the three dots in the right corner. You will find “Posts You've liked” option where you see all your liked posts. So beware before liking someone’s pic because your girlfriend may spy on you using this option.

5. Add More Security To Your Account

Nowadays it's very common to become a victim of cybercrime as hackers may easily target social media accounts of people. In order to make sure that your account is secured to these attacks, you have an extra feature on the Instagram account. You can enable the two-factor authentication that will protect your Instagram account even if your login-details get stolen. Go to your Instagram profile, click the same three dots and down in the list you will find Two-factor authentication, enable the option.

6. Follow Interesting Hashtags

The latest released Instagram feature is the hashtags, the company now allows the users to follow hashtags. You can search your likes and entered subject in the search bar by adding ‘#’ prior to it and the result will be shown. Now, you can follow the mentioned hashtags and the posts related to that hashtag will start appearing on your Instagram feed regularly.

7. Clear Your Browsing History

This Instagram feature isn't that much of a big secret but most of the users aren't aware of it. You can delete or erase your browsing history from Instagram similar to the web browsers. To erase the search history go to your Instagram profile, click on those three dots and at the bottom of the list you will find ‘clear browser history’ option.

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