Top 10 VR Apps For Your Google Cardboard
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Top 10 VR Apps For Your Google Cardboard

Try to use these VR apps to explore the potential of Google Cardboard

Top 10 VR Apps For Your Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality technology has revolutionized the way we interact with smart devices. But, right now the mobile industry is the most influenced sector and experiencing the new inventions every day.

To put a true VR experience in front of the user's eyes, many tech companies came up with VR devices. It includes Facebook’s Oculus Rift, Vive from HTC, PlayStation VR and much more. However, Google’s cardboard is the most successful VR device that made its way to most of the users due to its affordability.

Best VR Apps For Google Cardboard

If you own a Google Cardboard, you must be bored by watching only some natural 360-degree videos. We brought the list of 10 amazing VR apps that will make your Google Cardboard experience unforgettable.

1. Fulldive VR

If there is one VR app that worth trying that is Fulldive VR, it is also known as the VR navigation app. By justifying its statement it helps you in finding the quality VR content over the web. It also fetches and supports VR videos from YouTube. The Inbuilt VR player helps the users in playing VR content from different places.

Search the VR related content using the Fulldive VR to explore new experiences. You can also use its browsers that let you search VR images, videos, and even games. You can download the Fulldive VR directly from Google Play Store.

fulldive vr

2. YouTube

I know you already have the YouTube app on your smartphone, but I am pretty sure haven't used it for VR experience. Just type ‘360-degree videos’ in the search, and you will get tons of VR videos. There are endless amazing VR videos to choose from the scroll down and select anyone to enjoy the Virtual Reality.

Also, you will also see option ‘View in Cardboard’ on YouTube by clicking that it will turn the screen into a giant virtual reality theater for you. You can download the app directly from the Google Play Store.

3. AAA VR Cinema

This app is the best option you can undoubtedly go for when you want to watch some video or anything. AAA VR Cinema plays the locally saved content on your mobile and shows it virtually via Google Cardboard. You need to download it and open while wearing Google Cardboard; it will list all your local saved videos.

It offers 180 degree and 360-degree views. It also supports the head tracking feature and supports NAS and provides a seamless virtual reality experience. You can easily install and download the AAA VR Cinema from Google Play Store.

aaa vr

4. Jaunt VR

This another VR app that offers various VR content for experiencing the things in Virtual reality. It contains a vast collection of VR videos including short movies, advertisement, music concerts, movies, and other exciting videos.

The interface is so simple and enables you to jump to the videos much clicking directly. You can download Jaunt VR directly from Google Play Store.

5. Google Cardboard App

Your VR experience is incomplete until you don't have Google’s official Cardboard app on your smartphone. The app is must have; it helps you in setting up your VR device for a better experience. Besides, the Google Cardboard app also lets you play videos available on your device in VR mode.

It also lets you use the Google earth to take a walk around the planet virtually. You can download Google Cardboard directly from Google Play Store.

google cardboard

6. Coastiality VR

The real fun of enjoying the VR is to experience the roller coaster ride using Google Cardboard. Coastiality VR app is a roller coaster ride simulation that enables the user to experience the real thrill of dangerous rides. Unlikely other VR apps Coastiality uses the actual recording of the world's famous amusement.

While using the app, you can feel real excitement and fun with its little touch. It will take you the number of roller coaster ride where you can even listen to the shouting from fellow riders and other riding things. You can download the Coastiality VR directly from Google Play Store.

7. GoPro VR

The only thing that makes VR technology popular is it enables the people in experiencing everything in a different way. Gopro is among those VR  apps that are taking this experience to a whole new level. You can swim with the sharks under the ocean, see how it looks like during the skydiving and much with the help of GoPro VR app.

The app also contains an endless number of other experiences that you can access with Google Cardboard. You can download the GoPro VR directly from

gopro vr

8. Cardboard Camera

To add more creativity to the VR app, Google has this another app for you. The Cardboard camera lets you take the VR images using your phone that you obviously can see using the cardboard.

The best part of the Cardboard Camera is that it works seamlessly without any additional actions. You need to download the Google Cardboard and start taking the VR images. You can download the app directly from the Google Play Store.

9. Chair In A Room

If you were waiting for something mysterious and suspenseful, then the wait is over. Chair in the room is the best gaming VR app for the users who want to experience the thrill. In Chair In A room game, you will be taken to the dark atmosphere lights are keep coming and going.

You will see the bloodied hands sparkling in the dark and other terrifying things. You need to solve the scenario using the clues. Must try the app if you have a thing for mysteries and danger. You can download the Chair In A Room directly from here.

chair in a room

10. Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR

As the name suggests, the app is all about landing on the moon and experiencing the visit to virtually. The app simulates the moon visits does by astronauts using the various available images and videos from NASA. The app is quite good compared to other VR apps; you will feel like you are literally in the outer space.

With the help of the Apollo 15 Moon app, you can even walk around the moon and see precisely how it feels like in the outer space. However, due to high resolution and strong VR experience, the app requires a powerful smartphone to work without any problem. You can download the Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR directly from Google Play Store.

We hope you will find the apps mentioned above helpful in enhancing your VR experience.

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