The Best Upcoming Android Games Approaching Your Way
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Top 10 Upcoming Android Games You Must Know

Let's see what Niantic Labs and Ubisoft Has In Store!

Top 10 Upcoming Android Games You Must Know

Gaming is much more than just fun, of course, to those who love to tap their smartphone buttons or like to slide the screens of their phones and even adore chasing the runway of exciting gameplay to get exciting rewards. Game apps have always remained an essential part of Android. They don’t just appeal to the users but give them a lot of opportunities to explore an entirely new animated world.

Like the previous years, the year 2018 has a lot to offer to the gamers from the well-established gaming developers like Niantic labs, Telltale games, and Ubisoft. And, to unlock the ultimate pleasure of knowing the best upcoming Android games, here is the list that reveals all that Android has to offer to its users.

Upcoming Android Games

1. DC Unchained

Have plans to visit Gotham city the virtual way? Or you would like to explore well-known metropolis so that you can fight against opponents just like Superman or Batman did while being the members of Justice League?

If you are waiting for such exciting gameplay, DC Unchained is the app for you. And, if you are not a fan of these superheroes you could choose to follow the stories of well-known villains including Lex Luthor, Joker, Catwoman, and many more.

Additionally, if you would like to assemble your dream team of heroes and villains, you can do it with DC Unchained. The game is not officially rolled out, but it is listed on the Google Play Store so that users can give their feedback. Game makers are welcoming suggestions from the developers to include exceptional features before the official roll out.

2. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

In case, you loved the popular Pokemon Go gaming app you are sure to like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite a lot as it is a step forward from the team that developed the latter. This time the Niantic Labs is planning a new adventure for the users taking inspiration from the famous Harry Potter series.

The game is believed to be developed with the elements of AR to offer an impacting view to the users. Additionally, the game will be developed in partnership with Warner Bros.

Interactive Entertainment to include all the tiny elements into the gameplay. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will let the players learn how to spell magic words, explore real-world neighborhoods and team up with other players to fight against powerful enemies.

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3. Tekken

Tekken is the exciting gaming option for those gamers who love to have the adrenaline rush in their bodies. Tekken’s story mode is developed to let the users take on the roles of legendary fighters to win a battle through a map-based campaign.

The game additionally offers Dojo Challenge that requires the gamers to build a team to compete against other players from around the world. There are 20 different characters in Tekken having their fighting styles that users need to collect by unlocking the challenges.

Winning these battles takes the users to another exciting level where they can unlock more than 20 new moves for each character to give more power to every fighter. The game is not yet released, but once it is rolled out, the users will need a powerful smartphone as the Tekken requires Exynos 8890/Snapdragon 820 chipsets or higher along with 2 GB of RAM storage to play the same.

4. Payday: Crime War

It has gained the popularity on PCs and Consoles as the first-person shooter game. Payday Crime War gives you multiplayer playing option, and team PvP title, meaning two teams compete with each other to win different goals.

Both the teams need to take up two different roles first of being the robbers and secondly those who avoid these robberies. Thus, one team takes up the role of performing a robbery while other team steps into SWAT team shoes to prevent the crime.

A maximum of eight players can play the Payday at a time sitting at different locations. As the users progress to a new level, they get new weapons and additional strength to level up their games.

5. Contra: Return

Contra already enjoys a classic video game franchise and has exceptional history of remaining there for the players since 80s. It has already been released on many homes and arcade machines, but the game still lacks its onset on the mobile.

Contra was previously available to Play Store, but now it has been pulled out from there also. In its attempt to garner a set of new users towards the gameplay, Contra is all set to be launched as a part of Google Play Store.

Contra, right now, is in the testing stage, which is scheduled for a worldwide opening as soon as the testing is performed successfully. The game will have 3D graphics along with a classic two player mode.

6. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is from Square Enix that has an interesting history of release on mobile. It offers many options to play the same, and the newly developed Final Fantasy XV has an epic story for the users presented by RPG franchise.

The latest version of Final Fantasy is the condensed version of its previous series. The game takes the users on an epic road trip to complete exciting challenges. As the gameplay will now be rolled out in a mobile-friendly manner, the gamers will be introduced to a host of realistic graphics to make the characters appear appealing.

The characters of the gameplay are similar to the console version so the users will have the same joy while playing the Final Fantasy XV.

7. Life is Strange

Life is Strange presents a plot that has been developed with a narrative choice driven game plot. The protagonist in the game has a special capability of rewinding the time. Life is Strange is a perfect option for gamers who love to play action games.

There are emotions, action in the game, and a lot of challenges that users need to complete to get on to the newer levels. It is already available for iOS players, and now it is coming to lure the Android users.

The exciting challenges that have a perfect dose of emotion might let you end up too heavily. So, folks play the game keeping your emotions asides.  

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8. Final Rest

The official release of Final Rest game will let you face your fear. Final Rest offers you experience to test your fear level while you are undergoing surgery. The gameplay has a horror-based plot and is woven into a short non-interactive mode.

The plot lets users experience their phobia of facing the dare they fear the most. The challenges may including facing fierce dogs, hypodermic needles, and even the death of the players as a part of the game. Final Rest will be rolled out in the adventure category to let people experience something different from other games.    

9. Battle Breakers

Battle Breakers is the option for those who love to play frenetic role-playing plots. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 that has a history of developing a series of cross-platform playing games across many devices.

The Battle Breakers offers a vibrant option of sci-fi cartoon adventure to take users to the ultimate battle. The users have the option of recruiting hundreds of unique heroes to create a team having ninjas, knights, talking dinosaurs as well as robots to start the battle.

The game plots battle monsters from the space who have infested every corner of your world. The challenge is to save your world from your enemies along with unlocking the hidden treasures.   

10. Project Phoenix

This is another role-playing game for the users. The gamers need to play it with a real-time strategy to win the challenges against all the odds. There are some of the veteran developers behind Project Phoenix who have developed exciting gameplay for the users.

The players need to win against the challenges by going through exciting adventures along with solving the mysteries by traveling through the land of Azuregard with the set of fighters that users have created as per their liking.

Project Phoenix is scheduled for launch by early 2018 to take users to a never-heard-before adventure.

The Upshot

The gaming options for Android are already available in a set of exciting features. Moreover, the set of games listed above is sure to add more charm to the already amazing list of games this fantastic operating system offers to the users.

While such gaming apps will continue to attract the users, some of the existing ones will be given a makeover to add a fulfilling user base to the same. Additionally, many of these will be updated to offer more to those who love to play gaming-based applications.

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