Google App Now, Transcribes Voice Calls For T-Mobile Users

Google Phone App Now Able To Transcripts Voice Calls On T-Mobile

The feature enrolled only for the T-Mobile customers using Nexus and Pixel

google published date 27th February, 2018 Akash Singh Chauhan

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Google made voice call listening less of a hassle for T-mobile users in the USA with its latest update. The company pushed a visual voicemail feature to the Google app for Pixel and Nexus users with T-Mobile in the USA. Google pushed a new update for its app available for Pixel and Nexus users to deliver the new feature.

The voicemail transcription feature enables the Google app to transcript the voice messages for T-Mobile customers. This helps the users in deciding whether the voicemail dropped in the inbox worth giving time or not. Otherwise, the users need to go through whole inbox listing to the spam messages and time wasting loan advertisements. However, the transcription isn't always accurate, but it does work  conveying the user about the importance of the voicemail.

According to Google, the transcription update is available only for the T-Mobile customers with Nexus and Pixel smartphones. The search giant also assured that the transcription of the voicemail is done by the ‘computer programs’ powered with machine learning. So, humans are not listing the customer's voice messages during the transcription. The visual voicemail transcription was available only to the project “Fi” users and Orange France users till now. The users can access these messages in the Google app and read the text from voicemails instead of listing the audio. Apple users are using the visual voicemail service from the company since iOS 10.

T-Mobile customers started noticing the update last month, but Google didn't launch it officially then. It is still unclear why Google chooses T-Mobile for pushing the update over Verizon, which is the official career partner of the company for PIxel smartphones. However, many carriers have their own visual voice transcription service for their customers. In case, T-Mobile users don't want to use the Google app for some reason, they can download Uncarrier visual voice call app available in the Google Play Store.

Akash Singh Chauhan

Akash Singh Chauhan

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