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Best 10 Android Cleaner Apps: List Unveiling the Top Ones

Apps to Improve Your Android Device Battery Life

Best 10 Android Cleaner Apps: List Unveiling the Top Ones

No matter what version of Google’s OS you are running, cleaning is as much important as having the latest Android OS on your smartphone. Well, the related community is up to Android Oreo queuing up other sweet dishes for you with the initial P this time, there is no room for junk files and redundant data to keep there in your mobile phone.

Whether it is about cache cleaners, junk file removal, task automation or CPU overclocking tools and app disablers, the operating system offers an app under all these categories. Here is the roundup of my personal favorite Android Cleaner apps.

Best 10 Android Cleaner Apps

1. Cache Cleaner - DU Speed Booster

The list of my personal favorite Android Cleaner app includes Cache Cleaner DU Speed Booster at the top. Well, it is not only me who trust this cleaning app like anything. It is trusted by over 230 million users worldwide that itself speaks for the credibility of this application.

No other cleaning app can match the results of Cache Cleaner - DU Speed Booster when it is about optimizing the background files in your device. It has got an additional interface element called “CPU cooler” that shows the list of applications consuming more CPU power. Thus, users can anytime terminate these files to save the device and battery life.

cache cleaner

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2. Clean Master

The second in the list is Clean Master. It is another professional Android Cleaner app that has amazing features when it comes to optimizing the device files and the proper device functioning. The space cleaner and antivirus tool keep your phone clean and safe from antivirus attack.

This app has a private photo feature that helps you keep your photos hide with an additional security lock. This way clean master not only performs the role of a remarkable Android Cleaning app but also secures your device with an additional security feature.  

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3. The Cleaner

It offers a variety of services in a single handy package. There is memory optimizer, app manager, game mode optimizer, and storage cleaner all into one. The memory booster is exceptional when it comes to free up the RAM space.

Storage cleaner suggests you delete the apps from the phone that you can afford to wipe out such as junk files that even you don’t know are existing in your device. Schedule reminder, on the other hand, clean your device regularly.

the cleaner

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4. All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Booster, App Manager

As the name prescribes, All-In-One Toolbox is an app that multi-purposes as an exceptional app manager. It does a variety of things for the users right from cleaning junk files to reducing the space, which high-resolution pictures take and gets compiled in your phone over the period.

The app has got an additional feature that helps you choose which apps you want to start automatically when the phone restarts. The app manager has an additional option for batch uninstalling or installing apps from the memory of your phone to removable storage. In a nutshell, All-In-one Android app manages your phone in the best way.

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5. Droid Optimizer

dropid optimizer

Droid Optimizer is an all-in-one Android cleaner app that has a set of exceptional features to offer to the users. The app can be used for a detailed cleanup of your device. The A 1-Touch Speed Up mode can be used to clean the memory cache and to stop the apps running in the background.

The users can go for a detailed cleanup of their device by choosing the CleanUP mode. There is an additional app manager embedded in the application that allows bulk uninstallation in addition to providing all these exceptional services; there is handy automatic scheduling mode that automates cleanup and disables Wifi at night. There is an additional feature to manage the junk files in your device

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6. Startup Manager

You might have come across the problem when certain apps autostart after a rooting session of your phone. This consumes additional battery and takes a bit longer to start your device. In case, the problem is one frequent to you, give the startup Manager a try.

It won’t let you down and will help to boost the performance of your device along with managing the junk files. Startup Manager detects all the apps that autostart and run in the background when you restart your application. Removing the app is much easier as all it takes is a one-tap procedure.

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7. Go Speed

go speed

This application works amazingly to stop the auto-start of the apps thus saving the battery and the device life. Go Speed has been designed with advanced monitoring technique. Go Speed works by stopping the apps running in the background thus adding more to the overall device life.

The app can boost up the speed of the device up to 60 percent besides cleaning the junk files. The junk file cleaning feature thus helps to add space to your device and offers a long life to the smartphone as well.

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8. Power Clean

Power Clean is a light Android cleaner app that is smart enough to clean the junk off your device. The app features a quick cleaning mechanism that clears up the phone junk files and optimizes your device to offer an exceptional user experience.

Boosting your phone takes a minute and a single tap on the device. The notification cleaner works exceptionally well to clean and block junk files and to block unwanted notifications. There is an app manager that uninstall apps and keeps backups (if you want).

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9. Ace Cleaner

The ace cleaner is one simple but effective Android cleaner application. The app’s phone optimizing experience is one exception. The app’s highlighted features including Ace Clean, Ace Boost, Quiet Notification, Battery saver, and CPU Cooler.

The Ace Cleaner is there for users to boost up and maximize the Android phone’s performance. The app can be used to clean junk files that are stored on your device.

The app also features an effective duplicate photos cleaner that finds similar photos in your application and asks you to delete one (that is the junk file) to add more storage space to the device.

ace cleaner

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10. DU Speed Booster

Another dynamic Android optimizer tool that functions as a dynamic Android cleaner app. There is a Trash cleaner for the app cache and junk file cleaning as well. The Android app additionally features a one-touch accelerator, antivirus tool, app manager, privacy advisor along with built-in Internet speed test.

DU Speed Booster’s cache cleaner is an amazing feature that dynamically cleans the cache on your device. The app manager feature offers some of the sleek features to give additional weight among other apps.

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The Upshot

Your device will keep on running but using all these Android cleaner apps will help to optimize its speed to offer optimal device performance. All these apps are exceptional when it comes to device optimization.

The junk file cleaning system is another exceptional feature that almost all these apps have. In case, the article seems helpful to you, do vote us with a YES!

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