5 Best Mac Apps That You Wish You Had Installed Sooner

5 Best Mac Apps That Can Unleash The Power of Your Apple Device

From Apple newbies to upgrades, these 5 best Mac apps are a must have for everyone

Top X published date 4th January, 2018 Meenal Vashistha

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Whether you’ve just entered the Mac world or you’re looking to unleash the power of the dynamic application environment in MacOS High Sierra, these mobile apps are a must-have. After a thorough filtering of the best apps from the App Store, these 5 best Mac apps rose as the best from Apple. These mobile Apps will turn your iPhone, iPad or any other Apple device into the strongest digital beast, you’ve ever got your hands on. 


If you’re already a Mac user, Apple’s Spotlight probably has your unshakable loyalty. But why settle for good when you can have the best? Bringing the best of Spotlight and Siri, this application launcher is your multitasking guru. Alfred allows you to automate tasks and perform advanced functions that Siri sadly can't perform without voice input. Besides, automation, Alfred also helps you execute multiple web searches, look up word definitions, perform calculations and much more. 


If you're a hardworking, multitasker, you probably have opened the previous Mac app in a new tab to download. Performing these multi tasks can often strain your eyes and the blue lights mess up with the melatonin levels in your brain and make it hard for you to fall asleep or go to bed with a strong headache. While working for long hours is inevitable, taking care of your health is a conscious effort. F.lux helps you keep the balance by adjusting the display color according to the light outside. Although a similar feature has been introduced by Apple for MacOS Sierra 10.12.14 or later, F.lux is your go-to Mac app if you're using an older version and want a calmer screen to work on for those late night projects. 


Whether you're a professional photographer or simply like to stun your friends with a perfect insta picture, Pixelmator beats every competing photo-editing program for Apple devices including Mac. It's not only fast but also gives Mac users an access to some of the most powerful photo editing tools that now also offer support for Apple’s new Touch Bar.


If you're a digital native like me, emojis is probably your second language. It's animated, expressive and fun but what's not fun is finding them while using a Mac. This emoji finder not only solves that problem but does with immaculate precision. After installing this app, all you have to do is bracket your emoji phrase in colons and Rocket will find you the exact emoji you're looking for on the Apple device. 

Daisy Disk

If you're looking to declutter your life, start with your hard drive. With just one run, every few months, Daisy Disk shows you everything that's taking up extra space on your hard drive and cleans it for you. Not only does this help you keep your Apple device as fresh as a dairy but its interesting UI makes the process fun. 

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Although subtle, changes brought by these best Mac apps for Apple devices will make you more efficient and empowered. Technology is a powerful tool but only when you know what it entails, so use these Best Mac apps to behold the power of your Apple device. 

Meenal Vashistha

Meenal Vashistha

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