Browser Based Gaming Vs Native Apps: Which One is The Best?
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Browser-Based Gaming vs Native Apps: What's Your Preference?

Both the options are changing the mobile gaming industry Gaming vs Native Apps: What\'s Your Preference?

The mobile gaming industry has taken the entertainment world by storm. The length of time Americans consume mobile content has risen by 50% from just over two hours a day (135 minutes) in 2013, to more than three hours daily (203 minutes) in 2018, according to data on the mobile gaming industry from Statista. Furthermore, the average time mobile users interact with the internet has also risen in the last three years, up from 140 minutes in 2015 to 189 minutes per day in 2018. When you combine the improved quality of content available at our fingertips with the increased accessibility of mobile internet on the move, it’s unsurprising that mobile gaming has grown so rapidly.

Statista predicts that mobile gaming app revenue will reach $74.6bn by the turn of the next decade, representing revenue growth of more than 100% since 2015. So, why have mobile games proven to be so popular?

Primarily, it gives traditional gamers the chance to get their gaming fix on the go. In today’s 24/7 world, consumers require instant gratification and mobile gaming provides that immediate entertainment in a fun and convenient manner. Mobile gaming in 2018 comprises of games in native apps, which are downloaded and installed onto mobile devices, and browser-based games which are played within compatible mobile web browsers. Many mobile gamers are what you may consider casual gamers; they don’t engage with them for hours on end, but they still want reliable, fast entertainment. It can be difficult to know whether to plump for native apps or browser-based games, so we thought we’d let you know the pros and cons of each mobile gaming medium to help you make the right choice.

HTML5 and browser-based gaming technology


Traditionally, many browser-based games were designed and developed using Flash technology. However, the use of Flash software has been phased out over recent years following fears of cyber-hackers being able to penetrate security flaws in the Flash Player plug-in and infect computers with harmful malware. The onus was on web users to regularly update their Flash plug-ins to stay protected against all of the latest cyber threats.

While few other technologies have had such a profound impact on online gaming, HTML5 technology has quickly emerged as a more attractive, viable alternative for browser-based gaming. Not only do HTML5-powered mobile games work flawlessly within browsers without the need for additional plug-ins, the games don’t need to be installed on devices as apps, saving considerable storage space on smartphones and tablets. HTML5 also allows mobile gaming developers to create a consistent gaming experience across multiple platforms. So, whether you’re playing a specific gaming title on your desktop PC or your tablet, you can get to grips with a game that looks and plays the same every gaming session.

Native mobile apps

The real advantages of native mobile apps are that they are designed specifically for mobile use, thus ensuring the best possible gaming experience. Native applications can feature more engaging, state-of-the-art graphics and features that cannot otherwise be incorporated into a browser-based game as it would simply take too long for the page to load for an enjoyable experience. As a case in point, visit 32red mobile page to discover an online gaming site which not only provides native Windows, Android and iOS mobile apps for their classic casino games but offers browser-based mobile casino gaming, underpinned by HMTL5 technology, giving gamers the choice to install native apps to their system if they have space or play within their favorite browser. 32red isn't the only online casino to offer such flexibility, with the likes of 888casino and Pink Casino also offering the choice of native apps and browser-based gaming.

Although native mobile apps tend to be more expensive to develop, it’s no secret that there are quite literally millions of apps available for users to download for the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. With a native application, you can download it safe in the knowledge that the game has been designed to be 100% compatible with your smartphone or tablet’s hardware and native features. The flipside is that sometimes you may be prompted to download updates for your app to ensure its optimum performance, but this shouldn’t be too onerous.

Ultimately, both browser-based and native gaming can be an enjoyable experience. The HTML5 technology breakthrough has improved the security of playing within browsers, while the ever-expanding storage space on smartphones and tablets allows gamers to download and store many applications without worrying too much about slowing down their device. It’s certainly a wonderful time to be a mobile gamer!

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