Best Apps for Keeping Tabs on the Exciting World of eSports
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Use These Apps To Make Sure You Don't Miss Out On Any 'eSports' Update

Catch up on every detail with the help of these apps These Apps To Make Sure You Don\'t Miss Out On Any \'eSports\' Update

As you should already know from visiting this website, the world of mobile apps is home to an incredible range of innovations. You can now find a whole host of useful pieces of software at the touch of a button on your smartphone, from details on shopping coupons to even new releases which will help you keep your skin in top condition. In fact, considering how we all rely on apps in so many ways these days, it is not exactly surprising that there is a growing number being created to cater for the growing legions of eSports fans across the world. Assuming anyone still is unfamiliar with the concept at this point, eSports is basically professional gaming with the best players of a host of games doing battle to win a share of major prize money. While it might sound like a teenager’s dream, this world is certainly nothing to smirk at as it has become a serious business.

According to research body Newzoo, global revenues generated by eSports are growing and are expected to reach a massive $1.5 billion by 2020. The industry is now attracting sponsorship from major brands, with Coca-Cola sponsoring League of Legends tournaments and Airbus partnering with eSports team Out of the Blue. The industry has also even spawned its very own betting scene with companies such as Betway offering odds on major tournaments such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. If you’re still not convinced consider this – the winning team at last year’s The International event for Dota 2 took home a $10 million share of a mammoth $24.6 million prize pool. You see, it’s a serious business.

Essential apps

Whether you are an experienced hand in eSports or these figures are encouraging you to take an interest, there are a few apps that all fans simply cannot do without if they want to keep tabs on their favorite teams and the latest tournaments. The first is an absolute no-brainer – Twitch. Originally launched in 2005 as part of, the live-streaming platform is essential to gamers everywhere if they want to share their experiences or check in on their favorite personalities. It has now also become indispensable as a place to see all of the latest major eSports action, with coverage on a host of competitions being available on the service.

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But what if you only have time for news and results updates? Apps such as theScore will have you covered. Launched in 2015, the software is free on platforms like Google Play and offers a range of information on a host of top eSports including Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and StarCraft II. It is not the only app of its kind out there, however, as others such as Strafe are also available and offer a similar type of service.

Go official

Another way to follow top eSports action is of course to use the official apps launched by the biggest organizations involved in the scene. Among the bodies to have created their own services is Major League Gaming – or MLG. The organization’s app offers access to coverage of a range of events, as well as exclusive content for fans to enjoy. Electronic Sports League – also known as ESL – offers a similar service but splits its offering across a couple of apps. If you want to follow events you can download ESL Event, while if you simply want to track your performance on the organization’s gaming platform you can get hold of ESL Play.

Finally, as 2018 rolls on you may find that one official tournament app you cannot do without is the one for Overwatch League. Arguably the competition to watch out for this year, it is one of the most hyped events in eSports with some within the industry suggesting it could be key to professional gaming being embraced by the mainstream. Download the app to follow the action and see whether the league truly can live up to expectations.

A gateway to top action

The world of eSports has come a long way in the past decade or so and it will be exciting to see just how big professional gaming can truly become. While these apps are only a handful of those out there at the moment, they are a great gateway for following the best teams, the best competitions, and the best action. Have fun!

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