Android Oreo Now Shows The Speed of Open Wi-Fi

Android Oreo Now Displays Speed For Open Wi-Fi Networks

Android 8.1 Feature Highlight that Displays Speed of Open Wi-Fi Networks Oreo Now Displays Speed For Open Wi-Fi Networks

Have you ever switched your smartphone’s network to a wi-fi hotspot only to find out it’s much slower than what you were using previously? In case, it is a nod for yes, we are going to give you a reason that will help you avoid such situations. The news has come directly from Google and is about Android Oreo. The newest version of the Android operating system has a great news for its users to get delighted on. One of the most exceptional Google’s platforms with its Oreo version will now show up the speed of public wi-fi before the users hop on the network.

Although the new Android Oreo will not give the exact bandwidth reading of the network, there will be information on the overall performance given to the users in different categories. The information will come up in the categories including “slow” (under 1Mbps) and "OK" (1-5Mbps) & "fast" (5-20Mbps) and "very fast" (20Mbps and above) to offer a host of choices to the users. While you can use the fast category while browsing through the internet, the “very fast” network will do the job for you when you are on Youtube. 

However, these public networks may not do much for you, they are sure to help you to make an informed decision to switch or not over a wi-fi from your current network. The feature was announced in December and is starting to roll out finally in January this year with the Android Oreo 8.1. The newest version of Android is under a limited supply at the moment having its support on Google’s Phone including Pixel & Pixel 2; Nexus 6P & Nexus 5X.

The users who always search for the public wi-fi hotspots are sure to get delighted with this move from Android Oreo. It certainly will help to choose the best network available around. Thus, the feature is sure to convince the users about its effectiveness. Alternatively, in case of a protected network, speed won’t be shown to the users. Admins that have the problem displaying their network on the public wi-fi can also opt-out from displaying the same.

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