BANNED! 10 Apps That Are Not Allowed on App Store
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Controversial Apps That Were Banned On App Store

List of 10 most controversial apps banned by Apple Apps That Were Banned On App Store

Apple App Store is a home to over 7,00,000 apps that range from “There’s an app for that” to the top rated apps for iOS. Having an overwhelming range of applications in its store, App Store is as dynamic as the range of apps it has. When you think of Apple App Store, you get the option of browsing through an exceptional apps’ garden that Apple designers have developed for you.

As a user, you need not give a second thought to any of the apps that are listed in the app store. The set of apps registered in the iOS ecosystem are all impressive that offer an exceptional user experience. However, the restrict App Store guidelines have made it difficult for some apps to have their place registered at the store. We are going to bring the limelight on banned iPhone apps that may not have got the approval from App Store but are impressive to use.

List Of  Banned Apps On App Store

1. Slash

Slash is the iOS app for those who hold a keen interest in serial killer apps. The banned iPhone app seems to be harmless at the very first place, however, it belongs to a psycho theme. At the very first instance, it displays a regular kitchen knife, against a drabby background. As soon as users start shaking their iPhones, the app comes to life. After a number of cases reported against teenagers, Apple decided to put Slash on the list of banned iOS applications.

2. Tubemate


Watching a heavy video online brings you a lot of cost. And, to tackle the problem easily, Tubemate app is all there for you to download your favorite video and watch later at higher speed, which sometimes does not seem possible while watching videos online. The app downloads your video at a faster speed even at moderate internet speed. The app made it easy for users to download the video directly from Youtube and that is why the app was taken down from App Store.

3. Herb Converter

Herb Converted was the gold mine for the stoners. The app presented a way to trade in weed easily and that’s how it got popular among the weed lovers. Nevertheless, users reported that the app lacked accurate measures for the price and how to’s on rolling joints. Owing to the similar reason that app was added to the list of banned Apple apps. Apple, on the other hand, figured out a number of other problems too with the application.

4. Prohibition 2: Dope war

Prohibition 2: Dope war allowed users to pretend being drug dealers in New York. the app gave a way to trade for by selling PCP, ecstasy, cocaine, acid, and all manner of other illegal substances, which was of course not what Apple had dreamed of its App Store to be. Failing to gain the popularity for the right reasons, the app was listed on the list of banned apps.

5. Baby Shaker

Baby Shaker has an unusual tag associated with it as the app lasted only a few hours after it was made live in the App Store. Over the game, users could silence the kid by shaking the iPhone until their eyes get X’d out. The app promoted silencing baby’s cry violently shaking the iPhone. Apple’s policy does not support approving such apps as a result of which the app was taken down to submit the same in the list of banned applications for iOS.

6. Wikileaks

Ever since Wikileaks released controversial details about well-known organizations the top-ranked companies disassociate themselves from the whistleblower. In rapid order, Wikileaks lost the support from well-known hosts including Amazon, Paypal, and Mastercards. Apple was not in the support of the idea to give a place to an app that leaked private information about companies and thus decided to take the app in the list of banned iOS apps.

7. Dogwars

Dogwars was promoted with the tagline “raise your dog to beat the best.” The app supported the idea of raising and feeding virtual dogs in the app to fight against other players’ virtual dogs. The app didn’t get support from animal activists and received public outrage. As a result, of the same, the app received enormous public outrage and was banned from the live app list to include in the banned iOS app list.     

8. Relapse

The app was based on Eminem “3 am” music video. The rapper wanted the app to release along with “Relapse” album. It showed Eminem walking down the street in a violent manner. The app, however, didn’t happen to release with the music video and that is how the app was pulled off and eventually listed in the list of banned iOS applications.

9. Flappy Bird


Flappy Bird was not only taken down only from App Store but also from Google Play only to get added to the list of banned apps for iPhone. The sole reason for taking the app down the App Store was users’ addictive nature towards the game. Flappy Bird was developed to help people spend their time in leisure but the app gradually received the status of being an addictive application as a result of which the app was taken down from the App Store.

10. My Shoe

Remember the incidence when a shoe was flung at president George W Bush? My Shoe was an app to allow the same (virtually) to the users again and again. The app, however, did not get the support from the App Store and ended up in the list of banned iOS apps.

The Upshot

The list of banned iOS does not stop here as there are a number of apps that have been placed on the list of banned iOS apps. We will surely cover those apps in another post someday. Till then have a look at all the above-mentioned applications to add more to your knowledge base about banned iOS apps in the App Store.

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