Workplace App Launched by Facebook for Mac and PC

Workplace Chat App Launched by Facebook for Mac and PC

Facebook has launched a workplace app especially for Mac and PC Chat App Launched by Facebook for Mac and PC

You might get surprised by the secret launch of Facebook. It is interesting to share that workers can contact each other on the Facebook app now. Facebook has finally come up with two features that users were begging for.

Facebook has launched desktop PC and Mac chat apps with screen sharing, though this app is only available for the workplace. However, it is expected by the users to get the consumer messenger app and screen sharing feature for desktop as well.

Facebook’s beta app which is quite identical to workplace chat website consists the similar media sharing abilities and text chat. The screen sharing feature of Facebook is rolling-out both for web and app. According to Facebook’s spokesperson, the features like voice and video calling screen sharing, customized push notifications and chats are supported by this app.


This app has an exclusive screen sharing feature in which a user has the authority to select the portion which they want to share. It is considered as a key feature that supports user’s privacy.

Since the launch of services last October, Facebook is rigorously creating workplace features.

Facebook also focusing on incorporating features to competing for concerted services like Slack, workplace enables users to create custom profiles, the ad-free news feed can be viewed, make multi-organization groups, audio-video calls, and live video broadcast hosting.


Depending on the size host organization, company charges 1$ to 3$ per user and for schools and nonprofit organizations, the product is offered for free.

The only requirement of the app is macOS 10.9 Mavericks and above to function. Therefore, the users who want to get this new sharing screen app on their desktop can download Workplace Chat app for Mac from the company’s website.

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