Bungie Is Back With Destiny 2 For PlayStation 4 and

Bungie Is Back With Destiny 2 For PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

Destiny 2 Is Finally Here For PlayStation 4 And Xbox One, breaking the gamers' anticipation.

https://dk2dyle8k4h9a.cloudfront.net/ Bungie Is Back With Destiny 2 For PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

The latest trailer of Destiny 2 is a preview to a gamer’s dream. The first person shooter game was released just today for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While the Microsoft Version will be released on October 24th, the multiplayer game has gathered mixed feeling to it.


The game has been launched in four editions and like the original series, there is an Expansion Pass, which grants access to expansions of the game. The story line is also upgraded to the 2nd version, accompanied by expanded player participation. The game has definitely upgraded several aspects, however, with a few sacrifices. The game was marked by a focus shift on the design and competitive experience by reducing the number of players in a team. The maps of the “Adventures”, exploration areas have also been expanded, accompanied by an addition of an extra map. Unlike the previous series, the players will no longer have to exit a planet through the orbital circumference, they can reach directly from their current location. Weapons and ammunitions have simply been renamed in the second series and no new character classes were added.


Luke Smith

The latest release has definitely stirred mixed feelings in the gaming community. The first setback was experienced when the gaming system directed a server queue to the several gamers announcing it, “temporarily at capacity”. Though the online games as such always struggle at the launch, its players have a small tip to ones stuck at the message. Few players who got access to the game suggested that one can exit the game, restart the Xbox and get in the queue with a greater chance of success.


Destiny 2 is surely an ambitious attempt on Bungie’s part, the nuances of the game becoming clearer with time. The game is packed with impressive designing, storyline, little specifications such as adding a map to the adventures and innovation with player collaborations. Though ambitious, the game is yet a few steps behind from being a revolution in the gaming industry.

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