Elon Musk Announces The Successful Soar Of Falcon Hea

Elon Musk Announces The Successful Soar Of Falcon Heavy With SpaceX

The world’s most powerful rocket is expected to launch a revolution in the recycling sector of aeronautical sector.

Elon Musk Announces The Successful Soar Of Falcon Heavy With SpaceX

Falcon Heavy, one of the Falcon Nine rocket series was successfully launched by SpaceX. The latter further announced that Falcon Heavy is equivalent to full power lift-off thrust of 18 Boeing 747 aircraft. The space exploration company and its CEO Elon Musk surprised the likes of NASA by releasing a blooper reel on twitter.


Touted as “the world’s most powerful rocket”, took off from California Vandenberg Air Force Base. The SpaceX launch facility, successfully deployed, NSPO’s FORMOSTAT-5 satellite into the orbit. Discharging twelve launches in one year, SpaceX has raised some serious competition for United Launch Alliance. John Taylor, a spokesperson of SpaceX stated that considering their loss of a $91 million contract with U.S. Air Force at the hand of their biggest competitor, the success of Falcon Heavy is definitely a morale booster. Though Elon Musk was expecting another failure with the project, Space X has been able to not only conduct it successfully but also, offer cheap launches with single- booster Falcon 9 to its client NSPO.



Elon Musk’s company further announced, Only the Saturn V, last flown in 1973, delivered more payload to orbit. Viewing the recent successful event, the launch has increased SpaceX payload capacity to 140,000 lbs. The company is all set to test launch Falcon Heavy in November, sparking a global anticipation of its success.



Accommodating Musk’s vision to reuse rocket machinery, SpaceX is also the proud executive of the first re-use of a revamped booster and a reconstructed Dragon Cargo Capsule. The launch also included a recovery mission of Falcon 9’s First Stage Booster. The first and the second stage were successfully separated and a controlled descent was administered to SpaceX’s landing drone ship- Of Course I still Love You.

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