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Smile To Pay: A KFC China Store Unveiled Facial Recognition Payment Method

Diners Have a New Way To Pay At A KFC Chinese Store To Pay: A KFC China Store Unveiled Facial Recognition Payment Method

To pay their bills at a KFC store in eastern China city of Hangzhou, all that diners have to do is “smile”. Yes, you heard that right! “Smile to pay”, a facial recognition system has been rolled by Yum China Holdings Inc to cater its services to the newer generation. Yum is one of the largest fast food chains in China that currently owns more than 7685 stores in the city of Red Dragon.



In its most recent initiative with KFC, $200 million food giant, Yum China is all set to target the younger Chinese generation, which is expected to drive in lion’s share of consumption into the food industry by the next few decades. “Smile to pay” is first services of its type wherein the users have to sign up with Alipay to authenticate their profile over the system.

In order to get verified for the “smile to pay” initiative, users need to authenticate their identities through a combination of facial scanning and the personal mobile number. That means users don’t have to look for their wallets while paying at the store through the system. Alipay has rolled out the services to a lone restaurant called “KPRO” for the time being.



While rolling out the services, the financial partner of this initiative “Ant Financial” has quoted, smile-to-pay technology has reached to an extended that Alipay users can now sit relaxed while paying for their meals that the store. The users have to go through multilevel procedure that first scans user’s face through a 3D camera and a “live-ness detection algorithm to ensure user’s identity.


While smile-to-pay is an innovative service rolled out for the very first time, it is all set to change the landscape of digital financial services, quoted one of the officials at Ant Financial.

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