Hackers Breaching Instagram to Reach Verified Accounts

Hackers Breaching Instagram to Reach High-Profile Verified Accounts

Instagram admitted that a bugs gave hackers data to exploit high-profile accounts.

Hackers Breaching Instagram to Reach High-Profile Verified Accounts

In this digitalized world, anything is possible. Hackers have found a way to exploit high-profile verified account on Instagram. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app admitted that hackers are using bug software to access the account of verified users on Instagram.

Instagram did not give any information on when exactly was the issues discovered but mentioned it as “recent” in the emails sent to the users on a similar issue.

The email further stated,

Additionally, Instagram confirmed that it has fixed the bug and are looking thoroughly into the matter to find out the source of vulnerability. The Instagram spokesperson also added that the company is trying its best to aware the targeted users about the incidence.

Earlier this week, similar incidence happened with popular singer and actress, Selena Gomez, when her Instagram account was hacked and some of her ex-boyfriend’s (Justin Bieber) nude photos were leaked online. Luckily, her account was recovered a few days later. However, Instagram didn’t make any official statement if Gomez’s account was the victim of a similar attack.

However, there was no official release about the accounts that were impacted by this recent security breach.

Instagram publically issued a circular, encouraging people to be vigilant on security issues related to their Instagram accounts. The photo-sharing app has also encouraged people to exercise caution if they find any security threats related to their respective accounts.   

The security breach likely explains the onset of safety issues that a number of social media sites are continually facing. Although, the companies are making their best efforts to safeguard their users’ account but they need to have such softwares that could promise extended security.

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