Curiscope Raised $1 Million - An AR and VR Startup

Curiscope: An AR And VR Content Startup Raised $1 Million

Company's Virtual-Tee enables you get insight of human body

Mobile App published date 6th March, 2018 Ariana Johnson


Curiscope, an UK startup which deals with the AR and VR products has raised $1 million seed fund provided by the LocalGlobe. The UK based investment firm has led the funding event and end up backing the mixed reality product manufacturer startup.

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Founded in 2015, Curiscope has its headquarters in Brighton, East Sussex claims to bring your imagination into reality with the help of AR and VR. The company's most popular product is Virtual-Tee for which it acquired crowdfunding from Kickstarter and Indiegogo last year. The companies also have another product on-board named Great White Sharks.


Virtual-Tee, the prime product of Curiscope is a high-quality T-shirt that combined with an app to let you see fully 3D animated internal organs of a human body using AR and VR. The company used the mixed reality to put all the organs on your phone via an app and the Virtual-Tee.

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“Virtual-Tee is a magic lens into a world inside the body. View through our free app on your phone or tablet to unlock a portal into your body’s vital organs. Jump into the pumping heart of an awesome anatomical adventure that brings learning to life in fully animated 3D using augmented and virtual reality technologies. Take a deep breath, dive into the bloodstream, and see for yourself” company mention on its website.

Ed Barton, the CEO, and the co-founder of the Curiscope said that company is exploring the opportunities to create more innovative and learning products equipped with AR and VR. The startup is also looking for the big brands to partner with to build something innovative and simultaneously working on its own consumer virtual and augmented reality products.

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Barton also said that the company will use the fund to take upon the recent advancements in the technology including the AR apps in iOS11.

The startup is using the AR and VR as a tool to craft products that not only teach the kids but also kills the adult’s curiosity. The AR and VR technology are still at an early stage, with the launch of iOS 11 the world is getting used to the new branch of technology. However, Curiscope has another intention to explore the technology with more advanced functionalities.

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