An iOS App Helps in Buying the Custom-made Glasses Us

An iOS App Helps in Buying the Custom-made Glasses Using Augmented Reality

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An iOS App Helps in Buying the Custom-made Glasses Using Augmented Reality

Now, you can get custom made-3D glasses by an augmented reality app Topology Eyewear. This iOS app allows you to get the glasses which are symmetrical to your face by face scanning technology. It takes account of facial factors like the nose, ears that are necessary to make custom fit glasses.

The idea of inventing this app came in the mind of founder Eric Varady when he was looking for perfect fit expensive glasses in San Francisco’s Marina neighborhood but couldn’t find any.

Custom Glasses with AR App

Although, there is a number of platforms which enables consumers to shop the custom-made glasses from home. However, custom-made glasses with the 3-D scanner are done only by Topology Eyewear. This app allows you to see the appearance of the variety of glasses on your face through augmented reality.

This app works by taking a video selfie of your face and capture the perfect facial measurement to create the custom-made glasses with any drawbacks. Therefore, these highly custom-made glasses are available in the price range of 495$ to 800$. When it is compared to its competitor Warby Paker, it is available at a minimal price range of 95$ to 400$.

Topology Eyewear accepts that they are bit expensive, however, it believes that they are offering incredibly rich quality and best fitting glasses at the reasonable amount.

This app company started bringing customers on board as soon as they launched in July. The company has also raised the good amount of investment from OPI to conduct its marketing campaign.

Users are also giving the good review about this app because the experience of buying through augmented reality is a new experience and it’s creating more curiosity among them. Users are also praising the varieties of frame styles and features that enable you to make changes in lens height and length.

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