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Apple Breaks up With Bing to Work With Google for Siri Search Results

Siri finally ditches Bing and opts for Google to give you your search results

Apple published date 2nd April, 2018 Eric Jones

Google for Siri

If you’ve ever been frustrated by asking Siri a question and not getting the desired results, Apple just heard your angry groans and has dumped Microsoft’s Bing as Siri’s default search engine. Apple AI’s search on all iOS devices including Spotlight on Mac will now be done with Google search engine. The decision was finalized over a $3 billion annual deal between the two tech giants. Before all you out there in the Bing club start sobbing, here’s a medicine to your wounds- Bing will still offer image search for both Siri and Spotlight on Mac and video search will still favor YouTube. What’s interesting about this rollout is its timing coinciding with the launch of High Sierra, though for a moment you do question yourself why wasn’t the change introduced with launch of latest iOS?

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The 10 years of relationship between Bing and Siri since the launch of iOS7 in 2013 was a cherished accolade for Microsoft but now catering to user search patterns, the trophy is now in Google’s lap. Now all your search results shown in different cases will now come straight from the search API and show you results with the same information graphs and ads as shows on google search engine. The sudden deal surely has new shockwaves to offer in the future, however since no party has given any comments, the future can simply be speculated.

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It's interesting to see if this change in Siri will instigate its chief rival Alexa that uses Wikipedia for its search results. The two have established themselves as remarkable yet imperfect AI assistants and where Siri rules at answering contextual questions one after another, Alexa has better taste when asked for a Mexican restaurant in the area and most importantly unlike Siri, the users have the power to make Alexa smarter. However, Siri has the upper hand of having impressive methods that include pulling out sports news from Yahoo and various sports leagues, answering trivia-like questions from Wolfram’s knowledge repository or resorting to Google for anything more you need.

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