Millennial are Likely to Delete Apps Having Uncool De
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Millennial are Likely to Delete Apps Having Uncool Designs

App design is found to be one of the factors that can help in the app retention.

Millennial are Likely to Delete Apps Having Uncool Designs

As per ComScore’s report, mobile app millennials don’t like to browse through the apps that look uncool on their mobile screens. The reports suggested that 21% of millennials disposed of the apps from their phones this year.

For millennials, it is the app design that must appeal to them. In case, it fails they won’t care even to have a look at the application.

Meanwhile, Snapchat is all set to come back with a bang to catch up with its all-time rival Instagram. These social media apps are neck-to-neck rivals when it comes to mobile app penetration among adults aged between 18-55.

In its new ranking in the list of most used mobile apps, Instagram moved three spots up from its last year ranking, while Snapchat moved up to 13 spots, ComScore added.

However, when it comes to usage, 18-24 years old users use these apps the most. And in terms of popularity, Snapchat is ranked third; Facebook is the second and YouTube being the number one, suggests the report.

It has also been found that apps that seem essential to the users find their place directly to their home screen. It gives easy access to them.

Other Factoids

  • Smartphone users have been seen spending 87% of their total day time over smartphones.
  • Telegram, Flipboard, Goodreads, The Score, and Wattpad are among the app category that users consider “hidden gem” among a variety of other apps.
  • The majority of app users, every month, access 20 or fewer apps. Younger users are very much likely to exceed the number.

However, millennials hold a lot of excitement for the new apps. And, 44% of them said that they would like to access 40 apps or more than that each month. The app functionality meanwhile plays an important role in garnering the attention span of these users.

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