Facebook Had a Busy Day Due to The Solar Eclipse
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Facebook Had a Busy Day Due to The Solar Eclipse

Facebook experienced a huge talk about the Solar Eclipse

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Mother nature made the day for Facebook and beats the audience record acquired by super bowl ever. The 21st August solar eclipse was totally over the internet and people were talking about it since they came to know about the rare natural phenomenon. But, the social media giant Facebook garners the maximum benefit out of the once in a 100-year incident.


The company shared the number of people interacted about the eclipse topic over the platform and it's bigger than even a super bowl audience. According to Facebook 240 million interactions were made by 66 million of people. The users took the number of interaction to a new level by posting, commenting, likes and reaction to the other people’s post related to the incident.



The Facebook crowd has beaten the last year's Super Bowl audience number which was 64 million. The Facebook is the first choice for the people when it comes to taking part in an ongoing talk about something over the internet. Social media platforms always target the common interest topic to make it viral among the users. But, for the natural occurrence, the number of people's reaction on the Facebook is huge.


These are the kind of topics that publishers are looking to target to attain the maximum number of readers or you can say the publishers are targeting the Eclipse incident so much recently that's why people are talking about it. Facebook showed that it is capable of making something viral and make it able to grasp the attention of crowd much bigger than a TV show or Football match.

Recently, Facebook announced that soon it's going to add the ‘Watch’ section in the video category to premiere the shows with short episodes. The above number shows that the platform has an incomparable outreach to the people, which is a good sign for the coming features. However, the company is failing to hold the teen users according to the eMarketer's recent study and teens are turning to Snapchat and Instagram by leaving Facebook.

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