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Polly Rivals Sarahah At its Own Game Of Snapchat

Get answers to your question via polls from your your friends

Mobile App published date 10th May, 2018 Ariana Johnson

Polly App

As anonymous messaging apps recently got a huge response from the users, there is a new member joined the category. Polly, a new anonymous polling app using the Snapchat to let users anonymously poll to their friend's question.

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Snapchat allows the user to embed a link to the Snap which was first leveraged by the Sarahah app. Sarahah allows the user to send an anonymous message to others, but apps face cyberbullying issues. Polly has a different mechanism as it let the users give their poll on the asked question.

Polly App Screen

Polly allows the user to create any question with multiple choice answers which are defined by them. This prevents the users from any risk of cyberbullying as what they receive in return is a vote. The question with choices to answer is compelling the teens to hold on the poll and give their opinion.

Polly App Screen

According to the app, the app has successful acquiring 20 million users with 100 million answers last month. After you write an interesting question with the relevant suggestion, such as “Who am i to you”, “Am i insane” app creates a link. Grab the web link and create a Snap by attaching the link to the Snap, finally publish it. Your Snap containing the Polly poll link will be visible to your Snapchat audience and anyone can open it by swiping up without logging into the app.

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The app won't even require a download to vote via the Snap’s link , but if you wish to initiate a poll you need to download the app which is available for both iOS and android devices.

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Co-Founders of the app Ranidu Lankage said, “ We enjoyed polls. We’d seen them on Twitter and other apps, and we thought we'd’ be able to bring them to a new platform.”

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Polly app grabbed 13th position among the top social apps in the U.S. this week, beating the new sensation Houseparty app. However, the app needs to compete with Sarahah and recently launched TBH in order to be successful at larger scale in the anonymity genre. The dependency of the Polly Poll on Snapchat is an all-time risk as  Snapchat could decide to remove its link anytime.

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