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Hurricane Irma: 8 Apps that Will Keep You Safe in Disasters

Prepare Your Handset to be Smart Devices Beforehand Hurricanes like Irma

Mobile App published date 20th September, 2017 James Lawson

Apps for Natural Disasters

In today's digital era, there are innovations revolutionizing every field. In the recent event of hurricane Irma developers have launched apps that can help you prepare better for disasters.Here is a list of apps that help you prepare for disaster like Irma and mark your safety before, during and after a disaster. Many of these apps work online and off!

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Disaster Alert

Disaster Alert

Disaster Alert is available for both iOS and Android operating system. The app alerts users against upcoming hurricanes, cyclone, tsunami, floods, and wildfires as well, giving enough time for users to prepare for the disaster.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground

The app comes under the category of crowdsourced information application. Weather Underground brings hyperlocal weather forecasts to the users. They can find photos, satellite maps, and interactive radar data to get the real-time information.

ICE Standard ER 911

ICE Standard

ICE Standard ER 911 is an app to store all your emergency medical contacts and health info on phone’s lock screen to make easy for the first responder to see the details immediately even if the users are unconscious.  

First Aid by American Red Cross

Fist Aid by American Red Cross

The app gives life saving tips to survive at an emergency or during natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornados. The app is available for Android and iOS users in order to remain safe during these calamities.

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Facebook’s safety check feature lets users mark their safety during an event of disaster. The feature is available for both the desktop and app users. The giant social networking site has named it Crisis Response.



ReUnite is one of the valuable apps for those who are lost during natural disasters. ReUnite helps the users report information about lost or found people by uploading their photo and information.



FEMA app developed by Federal Emergency Management Agency helps users survive after a disaster. It ensures well-being of lost by helping them find local relief centers to get shelter, food and other requirements.

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Prevention is better than cure and these apps are a step towards that effort. These applications on your handset will help you to remain safe during the event of disaster. They will help you find immediate relief helping yourself remain secured during natural calamities.

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