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How To Enjoy Latest Android O Features on Your Android Smartphone

Try this effctive way To Enjoy Latest Android O Features on Your Android Smartphone

Almost every year every Google releases a major update for the Android smartphones. The tech giant enrolls the operating system’s latest version containing new features every year. This year all the eyes are on the Android which is expected as the biggest released till now from Google. Android O has the upgrades and features that will redefine the smartphones. However, only the Beta version is released till now which is available only for the Google Pixel and Nexus smartphones. By considering the previous years it is obvious that other Android phones won't be getting Android O update anytime soon. So, we have brought you this article that will help you to acquire the some of the features of Android O on any Android device.

No more talks, let's dive into the steps to turn your Android into Android O

1.Setting the Android O wallpaper


With every new Android version, Google also came up with a new wallpaper for the Android phones. Following the tradition this year Android has a wallpaper showing the celestial body with an amazing view. Well, you can get this wallpaper on your Android smartphone from here, with this link you can download the Android O wallpaper.

2.Adding Android Launcher

Nova Launcher

Android O launcher is one of the best features in Android O that will capture your attention first. The Android O have the same launcher that used in the Pixel smartphones last year. In order to have the same launcher, you can either download the Pixel launcher which is excreted from the Android O or you can install the Nova launcher that will give you the same look.

If you choose to install Nova Launcher you need to do perform below steps in order to achieve Android O look.

While initial setup process, choose theme “Light”, App drawer style as “impressive”, open up app drawer section as “Swipe Up” then tap “Apply”

After the completion of the initial setup proceed to the Nova settings→ Desktop →Search Bar then select Bar style and Logo style

In order to have 100% Pixel look you need to change the way how icon looks, install Pixel Icon Pack then go to the Nova Settings→ Look & Feel→ select  Icon theme Pixel Icon Pack

Now when you did with all the settings, just make Nova launcher your default launcher and enjoy the  Pixel launcher on your device.

3. Tempting Notification Dots

Nova Launcher Prime

In Android O, Notification Dot is one of the most creative features everybody is waiting eagerly for. These features start showing dots on the app icons with new notifications. The also changes their colors according to the app to look more intuitive. To get the Notification dots on your device follow these steps.

Download the latest Beta version of Nova Launcher from the Google Play Store. In order to get the Notification Dots, you need to buy the prime service of the Nova Launcher worth $4.99.

After the installation goes to Nova Settings →Notification →Dots. To get the best experience select the position as top -right and size Medium.

Now you will start seeing Dots on the apps getting a new notification on your Android phone just like the Android O.

4.Snooze Notification Functionality


This new feature of the Android O let the user to Snooze any notification for a time-being and get notified again after a particular set time. This feature is best for the situations when you don't wanna entertain the notification right way. However, there is no app in the Google PLay store that provides you the exact functionality but still, you can have the effective Snooze Notification option.

Download the Notif Log notification history and grant all the asked access.

Got the Overflow menu in the app and enable the “Show Floatie” option.

Now you can go to the app’s notifications panel by pulling down from the top-right corner of your screen. You can snooze any of the notification by swiping left the icon or can dismiss it by swiping it right.

5. Custom Navigation Bar

Custom Navigation Bar

With this feature, you can customize the navigation bar by adding the buttons to it via System UI tuner settings. As holding the Android device with the earlier Android user you can also customize the navigation bar. First, you need to download and install the Custom Navigation Bar app.

After the installation goes to the phone's Settings → Developer options →USB/Android debugging and enable the option.

Now download and install the ADB driver on your computer then connect your phone to it.

Now open the Custom Navigation Bar app and tap Get started and then you will see a page and the bottom tap the Copy Command

Now paste this command somewhere in your phone, you can save in any note app or anywhere.

Now on your computer open the Terminal (Mac) or Command Prompt in the administrator mode on your computer, and type there “ADB shell” avoiding the quotation marks.

Now you have to paste the save or copy command.

After this, the yellow screen on your device will turn green and it will take you to the compatibility test. If the device passes the test then you can use the application.

Now the final step to add the buttons to your navigation bar, open the app and tap the  “Navigation Bar” and change the type under “Extra Navigation Bar”. After this, you can customize the navigation bar anytime.

6. Adding Picture-in- Picture Mode

You must have noticed recently a Picture-in-Picture mode in many of the applications. For example, let's take Youtube mobile application while you are watching a video on youtube you can slide it down in the corner and use the functions of the app. This means the video will keep playing on the screen with small resolution and you will be able to browse through the app. The same functionality Android O will provide on the device where you can enjoy the Picture-in-Picture view.

To enjoy this functionality you need to download Floating Tube Video Player. This application will let you play the videos and even if you open any other app you can still view the video on the screen.This feature is not available in the older versions of the Android so you can download the Floating Tube Video Player.

7. Customize the Lock screen shortcuts

Next Lock

As you are using an Android smartphone, you must be aware that you there is pre-defined shortcuts on the lock screen. These shortcuts cannot be changed but Android O let you customize the lock screen shortcuts and you can place any app shortcut over there.TO get this feature on your older Android version you need to download and third party app named Next Lock Screen. After the installation just opens the app and you will see your lock screen, swipe up from the bottom. You will see the shortcuts set the apps you wanna set, you can set 5 to 10 app shortcuts.

Android O is the version that has amazing new features that everyone wants to experience in their smartphones. But the company haven't made it available to all the users, still, you can enjoy some of its features in your older version and you know how. So, just go and turn your smartphone functions and enjoy these new attributes.

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