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Google Makes Its Instant Apps Faster And Leaner With New SDK

Instant apps will work device specifically to perform faster Makes Its Instant Apps Faster And Leaner With New SDK

Google launched its new generation mobile apps, the instant apps back in it I/O 2017. The instant apps are built with the aim to reduce the data and time required to download and install the apps. However, the company thought instant apps were performing up to the expectation, so to make it faster company just enrolled a new SDK for the app developers.

With the SDK v1.1, the instant apps will be faster and leaner to provide the user much better experience. Google made the changes to make sure that the instant apps only use the data required to run the app on a specific device. The programming kit of the apps has been updated by the company which guides the instant apps to consume less data.


In order to understand the changes, consider you are using a smartphone with a low display resolution, a chipset (say Intel) and a Chinese language. While using the instant app on that device you won't be getting any data needed for any HD or HD+ display or any chipset other than Intel and language only be given is Chinese. Making the data transfer specific for the devices based on the display, chip architecture and language saves a lot of space AND makes the app faster. According to the company with the help this upgrade the instant apps saves 10 percent of data of what needs to be downloaded.


You won't be able to see the change instantly as Google just released the new SDK version. Developers need to use the new kit and upgrade their apps with the new feature for users to access faster instant apps. The search giant also extended the content preservation for the Android lollipop or higher users, which was early accessible only to Oreo users. This was the much-needed step from the company as almost 80 percent of Android devices across the globe are working on Lollipop or higher platform.

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