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The Finalists - Innovation By Design Awards 2017 in Mobile App Genre

After Spot-on , these apps gathered the attention in Innovation by Design Awards 2017

App Design published date 15th September, 2017 Joshua Anderson

Innovation by Design Awards 2017

Recently Innovation by Design awarded the mobile apps with outstanding design in 2017 where Spot-on grabbed the first seat. However, other finalist apps have given a tough fight to the spot-on and deserve an appreciation. We bring you the finalist of the innovation by design 2017 in mobile app category.

Ada Personal Health

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Get your personal doctor and health tips, on this excellently designed health care app. The “doctor” knows thousands of symptoms and conditions and the remedy to them. Simply tell Ada what’s troubling you and get a better understanding of your symptoms and their cause.


A monetary funding powered purchasing app that allows its users to pay the money back in installments. The brilliance of the app lies in its transparency factor and eliminates any hidden charges or interest rates. You simply have to download the app, use the given Affirm virtual card to make your purchase and pay back the money in over the time period of 3 to 12 months.


Google Allo is a smart messaging app that can reply to messages without typing a single word. The emojis and stickers have expanded the realm of expression by humanising the theme of the messenger. Some other features like enlarging the text or doodle responses have made the Google App a sure favorite.


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A robust online workspace for brainstorming sessions, organizing ideas or sharing documents, and syncs everything across all your devices. What’s more? It even lets you use the very features offline.

one Night

The travel app provides an hourly based experiential timeline that provides same night stays on a selected list of hotels in big cities. The app aims to make your nights remarkable at a simple click on your phone.


A consumer goods delivery service, Rappi has taken Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil by storm. The app is an ideal innovation for everyone, deliveries everything. Yes! Including your favorite from restaurants that don’t give home delivery.


By putting all real estate an option in a single screen, Reali provides solutions to all your house buying problems. The app shows all the available properties and also offers guaranteed refunds with deals.


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An impressive tool to optimize and maintain all your bookmarks links, is machine learning equipped mobile app. The mobile app works as an AI library for your saved links and provides them efficiently when needed.

Virgin America

Now put all the required actions on an auto-pilot mode with Virgin -America for traveling via flight. The app assists you in managing your ride seamlessly, from flight alert notification to check in, and saving your boarding pass app will lead your way.

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