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ARKit-Powered Apps Witness 3M+ Downloads, CEO Tim Cook Credits The Success to Developers

Apple’s ARKit hits 3M+ downloads with games accounting for 35 percent of the apps worldwide

Apple published date 13th October, 2017 Joshua Anderson

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Upon examination of the most popular trends, the reports deduced that Apple’s augmented reality framework’s ARKit has now been installed more than 3 million times worldwide through a host of ARKit-powered apps and games. In an interview with the Independent, Apple CEO Tim Cook explained the secret behind the frameworks’ success, stating that while Apple monitors the technical glitches in the implementation,  its developers are given complete freedom to focus on their passions driving the mobile apps.

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Currently, with regard to ARKit-only apps, AR games are the most dominating category, accounting for 35 percent of the apps worldwide. Utilities bag the second place with 19 percent of installs followed by Entertainment with11 percent. Other categories such as Education with 7 percent, Photo & Video (6 percent), Lifestyle (5 percent) and other remaining ARKit apps with 8 percent of ARKit apps are areas that still need a lot of work. In terms of downloads and revenue, mobile games were credited for 53 percent of ARKit-only app downloads and 62 percent of the total revenue. Apps like “AR Dragon” accounted for more than 20 percent of app downloads. The league also includes ARKit-only app such as “Zombie Gunship Revenant” and “AR Sports Basketball”, held the top three positions on the grossing chart.

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Besides games, non-gaming ARKit apps (free) includes the AR measuring utility AR MeasureKit on 5th position followed by the Entertainment app Paint Space AR (9th position) and interior design app, Homecraft in Lifestyle category app is ranked as the 10th biggest free app in the App Store. In the category of paid apps, the top ARKit apps were also mainly games. The numbers will, of course, vary as developers roll out new innovations. Tim Cook’s vision for its AR is not just limited to Gaming and Entertainment, the ARKit aims to solve everyday problems and improving quality of life. One of the most popular example in this direction is IKEA’s new app- virtual recreation that allows one to place the objects in the virtual reality of their living to see if it fits well. Apple duly credits the success of the apps to the developers and highlights that the company has simply established the framework and sensors for developers to maximise their creative potential.

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