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The Beginner's Guide To Mobile App KPI

Make Your App A Successful One By Including Important Mobile App KPI Beginner\'s Guide To Mobile App KPI

Developing a mobile application is not only about adding great functionality but also including features that promise its success. And the good news is key performance indicators are available to take your mobile app to the next level. When it is about the application, downloads matter for sure! However, the download numbers won’t matter much unless your mobile app is getting the true popularity.

Turning an average product into a successful venture is all about the strategies you are using. The tools and the techniques are almost the same but it is all about how you are implementing the strategies. An exceptional implementation would result in the mobile app success whereas failing to do the same could have negative results. Well everyone would tell you the strategy to keep your eye upon, we the MobileAppDaily team after a thorough research are sharing the ways to practice the same.

Ways To Practice Mobile App KPI

1. App Strategy

Apps are the doorway for brands to be practically on the palms of the users 24*7. The chance must not be wasted just like that. It is a huge opportunity to get the brand value back from the users by offering them free samples like white papers, subscription & early bird discounts. This adds more to the complete brand value and gives a reason for users to try a brand’s service.

The best mobile apps are those that truly offer something valuable to the users. Let’s take the example of the Facebook app. The app is a world in itself. And, the best thing about the app is, it not only offers the information but also a perfect blend of entertainment and news to the users. Owing to the same reason, the social media giant’s popularity is no surprise for users.

2. The Mobile App Usages

If people are using your mobile application, it is sure they are getting value from it whether for ordering their favorite food or simply to kill the time. Truly successful mobile app provides a clear solution to the users for at least one of their problems. The mobile apps that are visited regularly have the best app usages for the users. App usages are effective but for the publisher, it is important to have the data.

Beyond pure usages, it is important to know who is using the mobile app and how it is being used? How frequently are the users using the application? What is the duration they are opening the application? Are people using their Android or iOS device to browse through your application? All these metrics are important to get the information about when talking about the app usages.

3. App Installation Rates

App installation is a step forward to mobile app download. Just because an app was downloaded does not mean it was installed successfully. Thus, it is important to have the information on the mobile app installation rates also. Therefore, tracking actual downloads on various devices is again important to add another metric to the successful mobile app KPI practices.

Having the audience data is one thing and having the actual insights of the app installation is another. The installation rates will only increase if the mobile app offers out-of-the-box experience to the users which includes app functionality, the app graphics, user-interface and the value it is offering to the users. Blend of all these metrics together will help to increase the actual app installs.

4. Retention Rate On The Mobile App

App retention is one of the biggest challenges in the mobile app industry today. Mobile app users generally stop installing apps after a few months of installation most commonly just after two three months. Apps that retain users have something in common. They focus on providing value to the users as we have already explained in the examples above.

App retention directly influences users’ engagement on the app helping the application increase its rank in the app store. Retaining the users is all about offering them reasons to stay on the application. The “reasons” need to be the specific values that could add more to users’ experience. Retention and engagement are the best ingredient for an app to win over user’s hearts.

5. Number of Users

Being the mobile app user is one thing and becoming an active user is certainly the other. Everyone can download and install an app but it is the actual number of active users that plays the role in the app success. The monthly active users (MAU) and the daily active users (DAU) are the ones who will help your app to become successful among the competitors.

The way users are using your application offers their behavioral pattern. Including the elements of behavioral patterns that users like will help your app to be successful. The elements and the features users are liking in your applications are the ones that will help you to gain more insights on the application. The number of active users is thus a metric for your app to gain popularity not only among the users but also in the app store.

6. App Load Time

The load time of your application is an important metric to either make it successful or being the reason for its failure. The loading time needs to be as minimal as it could be so that users need not to wait for the same. As much time as the app will take to load, it will itself kill the possibility of gaining more and more users. Thus, it is important to minimize the load time of your application in order to delight user’s browsing experience.

The app’s load time matters and thus the app publishers must consider using light graphics in the application. The use of images must be done thoughtfully in order to make it easy for the websites to load easily. In case, your website takes more time to load, no one is ever going to wait for your website to load.

The Upshot

There you have it - the most important mobile app KPIs to keep in the mind. While designing an application, keeping the above-mentioned points in the mind will result in developing an application that is feature-rich and user-centric as well. Your app is only going to be liked by the audience if it is helping users in solving their problems.

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