Apps That Make Life Better: Know The Best Applications Available
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Top 10 Mobile Apps To Make Your Life A Breeze

Include these apps in everyday life to make it easier 10 Mobile Apps To Make Your Life A Breeze

We are so much busy in our daily lives that it becomes almost impossible to keep the track of every major happening in the world. In such scenario, mobile apps come to our rescue helping us to know every major happening around us. Not only they keep us informed about the news and stuff but also make our lives much easier. Today, mobile apps are available for every possible concern that we need to resolve. From an extensive range of applications, we have compiled the best mobile apps for making your life easier.

List Of The Top 10 Mobile Apps

1 Pocket

Is the case similar to you? You don’t get enough time out of your work to read an interesting article you find accidentally? In case, it is a yes, the problem is no more an issue if you have the pocket mobile app. The mobile application helps you save the story in order to read it later in the offline mode too!!

Once saved to pocket, the piece of content is available to read on any device, be it your phone, tablet or computer. The Pocket is an app for those who frequently travel and would like to kill their time the right way while traveling.

Get the app for Android & iOS from here.


2 Sladder

Sladder App

Sladder is the mobile app that gives you the access to the world of knowledge. There are step-by-step solutions for a number of problems for middle school children. The apps have the answers for problems related to subjects such as Maths, Science, Spanish, History, Economics, and More!

The best news about Sladder is it is available for Android and iOS for free. So, for all those who are waiting for solving the subject related problems can install Sladder mobile app for free.       

3 Quality Time

Quality time is a free mobile application to those users who wish to track the time they spend on their smartphone. It is a fun app that visually engages the users and allows them to monitor the reports in real-time. The app offers a unique in-depth analysis of user’s smartphone activity by tracking total usages and screen unlocks.

The app also offers the information on the time that users spend on a single mobile application. In case, you are wishing to curb your every time-being-on-smartphone habit, the app is the ultimate solution for you. The users can have their reports on soaring smartphone usages, which will help them restrict the usages.

Get the app for Android & iOS from here.

4 Vent App

Vent App

When Vent mobile app is there for you, you are never alone. The app helps you connect to the set of people who have choices just like you. The users, thus get to connect to the community of people that is supportive, like-minded and understanding as well.

The app makes it easy to share the feeling with people across the globe. Community people are there to hear whatever you have to say. And, thus you can express your true self, react to other people’s vent and have 24*7 support from the people who understand you.

The app is available for Android & iOS as well.   

5 Google Assistant

Google Assistant is there for the users to let them know every possible information they are missing out. You can ask any information you wish to know about and Google Assistance fetches it to you. The app performs just like Google Now and responds to the “Ok Google” command for your query.  

The app lets you make a quick call just by saying “call mom” or call to any friend just telling the specific name. Users can also navigate to different places as per the need just by getting Google Assistant on the phone.

The app is available to download Android.


6 GymPact App

Gympact App

Plan a workout for yourself, put in some cash, and let the app do work for you. In case, you don’t workout you lose the money. If you do, you get the money from the users who couldn’t live up to it. You can decide the amount of money you wish to lose in case you do not stick to the plan.

All you need to know is to sign the pact, and then link it to your Gmail account to get on the board either win or to lose the money. Performing the diet plan regularly will help you to earn easy cash.

The app is available for Android and iOS as well.    

7 Bills Reminder App

The bills reminder app is for those who forget to pay their bills on time, you are absolutely a candidate for bills reminder app if you are in the similar category. The mobile app lets the users make a list of all the upcoming apps along with mentioning the date that helps them pay the same before the time.

The app will remind the users of the due date. Bills Reminder is thus an exceptional applicational that helps you organize the bill and pay the amount much before the due date.

The app is available for Android and iOS as well.  

8 App

Drugs App

{IRP} is a mobile application for knowing the A-Z of a medicine. The guide is verified by the experts; hence, users can consult it when in doubt about any medicine. The app is your medical expert to offer you all the necessary information about medicines. So, even if the expert is not there around you, the app will help you to know every minute information about a medicine.

Users can search for drugs, medicines and even for the symptoms of a disease. You can also monitor your personal set of medicines with the help of app. It is your personal medication expert.

The app is available for Android and iOS.

9 Evernote App

Evernote is an application for everyone who wishes to store important notes on their smartphones only. It is an app for professionals to write, discuss and make presentations on the smartphone only. Users can also sync all their important docs on their smartphones only.

Evernote is exceptional to manage the to-do list, PDFs, reminders, blogs, notes and whatever it is. Having an app to manage all your notes was never so much easier before Evernote app.

The app is available for Android and iOS.

10 Hopper

Hopper App


Make your travel ticket booking affordable by getting notifications on lowest fares possible! The app helps you save up to 40%. As soon as airfare lowers, Hopper gets you notification for the same. The app predicts the future of the airfares and offers you deal on the same.

Hopper is an award-winning application that helps airfare booking much easier. Additionally, the app offers breaking fare sales and notification on the cheapest flights available. Users can make their profile and can enjoy the perks that Hopper offers!

The app is available for Android and iOS.

The Upshot

Be it getting the latest news update or ordering your favorites from nearby restaurants or even shopping your preferred clothing, a click is all that it requires accomplishing the job. In case, you are also looking forward to making your life easier with the apps, we suggest you accommodate some of the above-listed application on your smartphone.  Such apps are available in different categories, right from educational to the lifestyle and to the gaming apps.

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