Gmail iOS App Update: Now Supports iPhone X & Third-Party Email Accounts

Gmail now offers support to iPhone X & third-party Email accounts

Gmail now offers support to iPhone X

Google’s updated version of the Gmail app is finally here designed specifically for the iPhone X display. This app has also been enrolled to add support to third-party email services. These services will include Apple iCloud, Microsoft Outlook, and Yahoo Mail. Support for these services was first enrolled in beta back in October.

iPhone X was made available for users in November and Google also updated some of its applications to support the iPhone X display. The apps that are given support include YouTube Waze and Google Maps, the eponymous Google app Google Home and Assistant, Google Drive, Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets, Google Photos, and Google Translate.

Post the update, the users will have an option to use two different emails on their iPhone X. Apart from supporting iPhone X, the recent update also provides support for non-Gmail accounts by using IMAP. This way the users can set their non-Gmail accounts in the Gmail app for iOS.  

Apart from providing support to the apps mentioned above, Gmail support has also been provided to Google maps with iPhone X support. However, plenty of other apps including the inbox still lacks the support for the iPhone X so far. In case you are wishing to get the Gmail app for iOS, you can get the link here.

Google is slowing moving towards updating all its applications for iPhone users. The initial steps have already been taken and done successfully paving the way for new changes to come quickly. These changes have already been proved to be useful for users.  

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