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Round Of The Most Controversial Apps Ever

Presenting the apps that created some of the biggest controversy Of The Most Controversial Apps Ever

There are more than a million apps available for both iPhone and Android gadgets. Some you need to purchase, but many are also downloadable for free. While there are a lot of apps that are simple to use, there are also a few that have raised people’s eyebrows and caused them to talk about their purpose. Dating apps have become the talk of the town in the past few years, and surprisingly, there are apps out there that are even used to view leaked information archives. As of today, some of these controversial apps can still be downloaded. With the increasing popularity of apps, there have been a number of apps that surfaced as controversy in the eyes of iOS and Android users. People have talked about these apps, many have given comments and points of view, and some experiences of the users have been shared around the world. If you’re curious or have fallen prey to some of the craziest apps out there, read on to discover some that have made our list as the most controversial of all time

1. The League. This a dating app that background-checks its users. Amazingly, there are over 80,000 people in a queue, waiting to be approved. Target users are the wealthy and intelligent. The goal is to make a power couple and the app differs from ones like Tinder as it does not show a stream of happy faces that users can click through. The League has a small and very selective criterion for entry. Its algorithm decides whether you are cool enough to join the pool.
2. Carrot Dating. To many, this app is becoming an avenue for virtual prostitution. To its makers, it is supposed to help men bribe their way into a date. The app permits people to give other users “carrots” or gifts, or an invitation to a dinner date. A lot of issues have come to people’s attention regarding this app because they see it as an encouragement for bribery and borderline prostitution. Moreover, the gifts typically are given are worth thousands of dollars and some have even including someone sponsoring a woman’s plastic surgery operation in exchange for a little romance.
3. Whisper. This app is used by people who can post their secrets without having to reveal they are true identity. The app also allows its users to send their messages anonymously and get replies from other users. Not always controversial, it can be a platform where users can express themselves, without fear of the reactions of others. However, some find it unsafe since the app can track its users and some of the information about them is being stored in a searchable database. In some cases, the company also has the liberty to divulge a portion of the private posts if the authorities ask for them. In short, users are not that anonymous after all.

4. Tinder. Tinder has set a path for users who are looking for other people to converse and hook up with, basing these decisions only on their respective physical attributes. Users simply share a few pictures and their age, and Tinder will display people who are in nearby areas until a match is made based on two users finding one another attractive. The app has brought up discussions since anyone can create an account in this dating site, making it unsafe for users because there’s a risk that people are faking their profile. In general, however, users find it fun to use?especially for the purpose of meeting new people that have the same interests as theirs. 

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5. Weed farmer. Growing marijuana is the main objective of this app. The game basically tasks you to run your own cannabis farm. While you are growing your plants, you can sell pot and this will earn you points until you become a successful marijuana farmer. Shortly after its launch, it made it to the top of the App Store. People’s opinions about this game somewhat differ from each other since some of them say that players can actually turn the game into their reality, considering that in some cultures, using marijuana is prohibited.
6. Skinneepix. This app is designed to make anyone who use it look thinner. You can edit photos and choose virtually to lose between 5- 15 lbs.?with just a few taps! Though people liked editing their selfies through this app, some attempts are also unsuccessful. Some faces end up looking distorted. Some also don’t like what this app promotes since it teaches people to be overly conscious of their natural build. Aside from that, others find it really bad for girls because it creates pressure and a sets a mark on how they are supposed to look.

The smartphone and tablet experts at BuzzTech know that these apps have surely received a lot of opposing ideas and opinions from people. Some find them fun, some take them as a waste of time at best?and dangerous at worst. Nonetheless, having these apps installed on your mobile phone has both pros and cons. It will always be up to you as to how to use them responsibly and respectfully. As long as you don’t violate any rules or your own personal principles, then it is generally harmless to explore apps like these that are available.

Rhett McGuinness
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Rhett McGuinness

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