Best Apps For Beer Lovers To Make Their Day The Right Way

8 Best Beer Apps To Brew Your Drink The Right Way

App Takeover: Delighting the People With 8 Best Beer Apps

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Apps for Beer Lover

Mankind and beer, a relationship that is brewing for almost a decade now. Beer is there available in as many varieties as people and places we have discovered. And, the “hydrating” experience this divine drink offers can never be compared to any other brewing experiences. Beer, that once was archaic is now trendy. What once was earthy is now coveted.

“There’s an app for that” goes almost perfect for everything, be even it the desire of getting the best beer apps over your smartphones. Who have thought that technology would grow to such an extent that you will read a post on the “ best apps for beer lovers”? So, to address all the beer lovers across the globe either serving or consuming this divine drink, the ones who have just started and those who are now pro at drinking, to those who have been searching for the best beer apps or to them who have a liking to browse through beer apps, MobileAppDaily rounds up the list of the best beer apps to get your pint of beer from the best Android/iOS store.  

List of 8 best Beer Tracker Apps

iBeer - Drink from your phone

iBeer App

Feeling that never-ending thirst for another bottle of beer? iBeer is the gateway for you. This beer tracker app is all about drinking the beer from your phone. With a whopping 90 million downloads, iBeer offers you virtual beer drinking experience. The app offers the freedom to connect with the strangers or friends to elevate your virtual beer drinking experience. Tilt to drink, shake for foam, and even pour iBeer into other iPhones.


Beer Lover app

Beer?! is the beer app for iOS. This straightforward messaging app makes it easy for you to invite your friends to a couple of beer. This refreshing uncluttered way of inviting friends has recently gained popularity among the youth to call out friends for having the beer together. With this amazing iOS app for beer, users can create a group, swipe contacts right to view them, and double tap to send the location to the friends.

BeerMenus - Find Great Beer

BeerMenus AppBeerMenus is the beer lover app to find out the places to buy beer from. It offers an updated beer menu for bars, restaurants, and nearby beer stores. In case, you keep searching for new beer types or wish to know everything about a new place to cheers your drink, BeerMenus will offer you every bit of information. Find new places with this beer tracker app to get along with your friends.


Pivo is the best beer lover app for those who are wishing to know the ways of ordering beer in different languages. It is a must travel app to have with you when you are traveling to different destinations in order to come out of the language barrier. Pivo teaches you how to order your beer in 59 different languages with the proper phonetic pronunciations.

iBrewMaster 2

iBrewMaster App

iBrewMaster 2 is the best beer app owing to the fact that it manages the entire brewing process for you. You can add, edit and manage your own recipes. With over 600 pre-installed recipes, iBrewMaster 2 is the app for you to brew your beer perfectly. It lets you create your own way of brewing the beer and share the same with others.


Untappd is much more than the just the best beer app for you. It is perfect for a beginner and a beer veteran as well. The app keeps the track of your beer tracking habit, see where your friends are socializing next to having the beer in order to plan the meeting. The app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows as well.

Next Glass – Drink SmartNext Glass App

Next Glass – Drink Smart is one of the best apps for you that help find the perfect mug of beer for you. The users rate the drinks they have tried and the app then builds an analysis of their drinking behavior to predict if the users would like the next drink (they have not tried). It offers personal score to every user. The app is available on iOS & Android.

myBeerNation - Beer Journal and Brewery Finder

myBeerNation is a beer tracker app where you can find, drink and review your beer. From more than 4000 breweries from all across the globe, the users have a grand option to choose their drink from. Users can search their drinking options by name, city or any nearest location. The app keeps the track for the breweries visited by the users.

The Conclusion

Putting an end to a topic like beer is similar to commit a heinous crime but all the good things come to an end and we cannot put an exception to it! In case, your love for best beer apps has grown with this post, do let us know about the same. This was all from MobileAppDaily to keep you busy with the best beer trending apps to brew the best drink for you!!

Neha Baluni

Neha Baluni

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