Bitcoins Are Not Appealing For Jack Ma: More Insights Here

I Am Not A Bitcoin Fan, Says Alibaba Founder Jack Ma

Bitcoin is not for me: Says Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Am Not A Bitcoin Fan, Says Alibaba Founder Jack Ma

Bitcoins, the cryptocurrency that recently thrilled all of us and the price surge last week were beyond speculations has become an internet sensation. Everyone is talking about the Bitcoin and Blockchain technology but you must be thinking what the business leaders think about the bitcoins and and how see this new buzz. Here, see by yourself how Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba look at all bitcoin talks going across the globe. The Bitcoin prices crossed the $18,000 last week and made Coinbase the cryptocurrency selling and buying an app to top the Apple’s App Store chart.

In an interview Jack Ma was asked, “what he thinks about the future of bitcoins”, and he answered the question with his own simplicity. He replied,” Honestly, i am not a big fan bitcoins but i pay special attention to the cashless society and the technology behind the bitcoins.” He explained how the blockchain technology can be used for other fields and it is not only restricted to the bitcoins.

According to Ma, the blockchain technology holds the potential to bring a substantial change to the world by powering the cashless society. “ My job at Alibaba Alipay is to make sure that the society get used to the cashless transaction with a transparent and independent process.”, he said,”I hate corruption and don't want others to play dirty way ” he added.

More importantly, he mentioned that the bitcoins are bit complicated and he is same confused about as we are. However, he watches the bitcoin very carefully and tries to figure out what profits and values it can bring to the society.


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