List Of The Best Android Apps As Per Google Downloads
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Google Opinion Rewards: Announcing The Google Play

Google Play’s Top Downloads: Here Is the List Of The Most Popular Apps Opinion Rewards: Announcing The Google Play

To all the ladies and the gentlemen out there having a rooting interest in popular Android apps, Google has announced the list of creme de la creme of best Android apps for 2017. The list comprises some surprises in the form of King of horror play and some of the animated apps.


As the list has best Android apps from the different domain, we have compiled the most trending Android apps on this list. The list compiles most downloaded apps, games, songs movies, books and TV shows on Google Play in 2017. Here come Google’s top-ranked apps:

Popular Android Apps in Gaming Category

The most popular Android app has got more than 55 million players from across the globe and let them fight with personally constructed battlebots as per the preferences.

This popular Android app is an innovative attempt in Mario game that keeps users engaged in the gameplay. The users control the Mario by tapping as he keeps running forward. Users can time some stylish jumps with their taps.

The most popular Android game has its popularity as one of the most exceptional Android app games in the piano series. The app has got more than 17 million players across the globe.

Another popular Android app in bubble witch series, which is as much engaging as the previous versions. The Stella witch is back and needs your help to defeat the evil Wilbur in an exciting journey


As one of the most trending Android mobile apps, Ballz lets the users swipe their fingers to throw balls in order to break the bricks.

Best Android App Books on Google Play

The Battlemage is one of the best creations from Taran Mathur about protagonist battle for the survival to rebuilding a world of peace and harmony.  

The book is a generation-defining guide for users. As book’s tagline explains it is absolutely “counterintuitive approach to living a good life.”

The cult classic is soon going to be adopted as a motion picture plot owing to the nicely quoted love sequences in the novel.

  • It by Stephen King

The book shows the encounter of seven adults with the nightmare they had seen previously. “It” is all about how these adults confront the nightmare when they return to the hometown.

The book has been adopted as a successful Netflix series that shows the immense popularity the Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher has already gathered.

Most Trending Android Apps For Songs in Music Category

When it is about music, no one can forget mentioning Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. The Android music app has already gained momentum across the globe.

The song has been topping the charts for a quite a few months and comes right from Kendrick Lamar. The American songwriter comes from Compton, California.   


  • DNA by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is the man behind DNA. The artist holds a huge internet fan following not for the songwriting but also for being a top-rated rapper.

Body Like A Black Road has some great songs that truly sound amazing with the perfect hint of pop country music.

Future is the fifth edition of American rapper future released in February this year with beautifully written and composed songs.  

 Trending In Android App Category

The most popular Android app predicts accurately the weather outside and informs the users about the same. The app offers exact weather conditions to help you plan the day.

FaceApp transforms your face with just one click using Artificial Intelligence. It adds a beautiful smile and makes your face more appealing.

There are the viral video, funny GIFs, and a lot TV shows to take the users on a thrilling ride giving all that requires killing the time perfectly.


With Yarn Chat Fiction Android app you can now snoop through people’s conversion and not feel guilty at all!!

The best Android app offers classic shows and a way to watch all your favorite cartoons that too with a free trial.

Best Android Apps In Movie Category

Doctor Strange comes directly from Marvel to tell the story of world’s famous neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange, whose life changes after a horrific car accident.

The first on Star war series is as interesting as the series was. It shows an epic adventure that thrills the onlookers.

Moana comes right from Walt Disney Studios that display an epic adventure about a teen who has been spirited.   

Diana, the price of Amazon becomes wonder women. She has been trained to remain an undefeated warrior.

The plot revolves around the Guardians to keep their extended family safe. Old foes become new allies to help guardians in their journey.

Most Popular Android Apps in TV Show Category

The horror TV series takes the users on an exciting journey in order to thrill, amaze and excite them like never before.

The popular Android app lets you watch TV shows like never before. When it is about excitement and an unforgettable journey, Game of Thrones need no mention.

Another popular mobile app in the TV show category. It engages the users and takes them an exciting TV show journey.

The science fiction television program takes the users on an unexpected journey and explains them all about the science and fiction.

The American television show has just entered into its ninth season entertaining the audience as always.


The Upshot

This was all about the most popular Android apps in different series. Our list includes the Android apps that Google has predicted the top-rated ones under the best Android Apps 2017 category. Let us know your views about these apps in the comment section below.

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