Seek App To Become The YouTube for AR-Based Projects
Augmented Reality

Treasure Hunting App Seek To Become Hub For Augmented Reality Projects

Seek App To Explore A New Augmented Reality Hub for AR Projects Hunting App Seek To Become Hub For Augmented Reality Projects

Seek- the Utah-based startup is once again in the news for returning with an update to become the centralized hub for augmented reality application. The man behind the application is all set to transform the Seek app (treasure hunting app) to offer services as YouTube but for AR. The company is planning to create a hub where the developers can post their Augmented Reality Apps/Projects only to be discovered by the users. It is basically an attempt by the company to create a centralized system for finding AR related projects.


The app was originally developed to be a treasure hunting app for the users. And, for the app founder “Jon Cheney” the idea of the augmented reality app evolved from his own offline business started in 2016. As per Cheney “We were running events that started in January 2016,” Cheney told me. “We put $100 above a waterfall. We started with money and increasing amounts and said let’s make an app so we can push a button and buildout clues. A month later we started the app.”


The success of Pokemon Go has surely paved a way for the Cheney to add the goodness of Augmented Reality app element in the application. Initially, when a similar AR-enabled version of the platform was launched at SXSW, the company financed it to find the treasure around the town. Moreover, the successful app launch offered the required fame to the company along with the attention of the big fishes like Samsung and Cinemark. These brands then signed the contract for investing in the augmented reality apps.


Rough count states, around 1000 AR developers have used the services either to distribute the services commercially or for their own benefit. As per Cheney, brands are also liking the new model and showing their interest by investing in the same. He also mentioned about Six Flags Magic Mountain and Warner Bros. projects that are on the way.

For Seek, the attempt is not for developing a platform for itself but it is all about helping developers to contribute to a hub that is working towards the betterment of augmented and virtual reality experiences for the users.

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