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Facebook 3D posts are Here And Your News Feed will No Longer Be The Same

3D objects can now be created by you with Facebook’s 3D posts on its AR platform

https://dk2dyle8k4h9a.cloudfront.net/Facebook 3D posts are Here And Your News Feed will No Longer Be The Same

Facebook is ready to take the world of virtual reality (VR) to its next advancement and you are invited to be a part of its greatest adventure so far. Facebook’s news feed will no longer be limited to photos, texts and videos posted on it as the social networking giant revamps its news dashboard with 3D posts. Using the same technology as employed by Apple’s ARKit and ARCore, Facebook enables its users, to create virtual objects in its Facebook Spaces.

Facebook 3D


The news gets better, as the social networking giant not only lets you create 3D cartoony Avatars but also lets you share it with your friends who don’t have a VR headset. Once you create 3D posts via Oculus Medium or VR hangout zone, share it on the news feed and your friends can interact with the object, rotate or flip it on both smartphone and desktop. Suppose you want to pinch, zoom or rotate a 3D object, open a car door in virtual reality or just create 3D objects, it's all now possible Facebook’s AR update.





Though 3D posts are just a beginning, for there’s a lot more in store from Facebook in near future. Cloning Snapchat’s AR masks, Facebook will let your 3D avatars try different masks with various themes. The social networking company is also working on a “kit” that allows users to safe-keep their favorite virtual creations that can be opened anytime you want.

Facebook 3D


Facebook is also presenting developers an opportunity to contribute to the advancements in company’s AR games. As a part of its “Build With Us” campaign, the developers can create simple games or table-top version of the same for Facebook Spaces. Though it's been three years since Facebook acquired Oculus, the limitation presented by the headsets has hampered its outreach in the AR field. However, with the introduction of 3D posts, the tables are expected to turn drastically as many can now play with the AR content on Facebook Spaces without the need of headsets. The extension of this AR tool by Facebook to common users is breakthrough approach as unlike before when AR creation was limited to expert developers or IT big boys, the power is now in the hands of everyday users who using Facebook Spaces can create anything they want.


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