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Powered By Machine Learning Skype Launches Photo Effect Stickers

Power of Machine Learning Embedded in Skype App By Machine Learning Skype Launches Photo Effect Stickers

Skype has added another feather to its cap by adding a copycat-like feature to its app. A feature to help users add “Photo Effects” (as it is called) to its app. The feature is powered by machine learning and that’s how it works. The feature offers all that you would require beautifying your picture. There are face masks, witty captions, decorative borders and much more to add extra fun to the photographs.


There is an additional catch with these stickers. The photo filters will suggest stickers based on photo content, unlike other app filters that just offer a bundle of the innovative feature. Instagram photo filters are the best-suited example of it. This new feature is based upon a technology Microsoft introduced earlier this year in a camera app called “Sprinkles”.

Sprinkles camera offers a number of traditional photos decorating tool and leverages Microsoft’s machine learning as well as Artificial Intelligence capabilities to perform a sort of things including decorating faces, determining subjects’ emotion and the age, discovering subject’s look alike and much more through the application alone.


Similarly, the Skype app will automatically suggest the options to the users with just a press of the button. The feature works as soon as the users tap on a magic wand icon placed at the top of the screen to access the filters.

Skype Iamge Effect

“Photo Effects” offers suggestions that every user would like to embellish his/her photo with. Be it smart face sticker, location, weather, or a caption to define the picture. The photo filter will change depending on the day of the week and on the occasion of holidays, which is really exciting for users.


The changes will remain visible only to users’ Skype contacts that have opted in to follow a person’s highlights. Additionally, highlights, for now, is a mobile-friendly feature only but the company is working to make the feature available to the desktop users in the later releases. Android users having versions and iOS lovers having version can only utilize the feature.

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