With IoT and AI Baidu & Xiaomi Are All Set To Explore Tech Possibilities
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Baidu & Xiaomi Join Hands For Creating Innovation with IoT And AI

Baidu & Xiaomi to be China's Next Tech Giant: Read The Story Here

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It is the beginning of a strategic partnership between Baidu, the Google of China and Xiaomi to work together on two emerging technologies; Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. The announcement was made at Xiaomi’s very first developer conference held in Beijing. Both the giants hold a prominent position in their areas of expertise and this alliance is meant to create great tech innovation in the time to come.


It is for the very first time that the duo has announced their collaboration. However, a few know that Baidu’s OS, named, DuerOS has already got a place in some Xiaomi hardware. However, the fact is not known to many as there was no branding done before. But as per the current scenario, both these companies have decided to join the hands and to make the partnership an official one.

For Baidu, getting into the global technology market is not a new experience while Xiaomi has already showcased its expertise in affordable smartphone development. In terms of technology and innovation both the giants need to travel miles and the recent initiative to join hands for AI and IoT is sure to bring some concrete results.


The points of collaborations have still not announced officially by these parties. But MobileAppDaily sources have revealed that the giants are all set to work on deep learning, voice recognition, and computer vision. Earlier Baidu’s tech reach has already covered robotics, AR, VR, and self-driving cars. These could also become the areas of interest for Xiaomi in the near future. The current partnership has been done to create tech innovation for Chinese domestic market, which is expected to flourish further.


When approached, Baidu’s Vice Chairman, COO and Group President, Qi Lu Quoted: The two companies have joined forces in forming a strong partnership to make users’ experience more compelling, moving on to the next stage in AI development. Xiaomi has accumulated solid experience in smart hardware, big data and established a smart devices ecosystem. Baidu has strong technological fundamentals in AI systems, with our conversational AI system DuerOS, to support the development of the IoT industry.

Thus, the coming together of two of the most powerful entities is sure to create technological innovation in the upcoming future.

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