Top 10 Black Friday Apps To Grab Best Deals In 2020
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10 Black Friday Apps You Should Be Considering For Effective Shopping

Black Friday will not last long! Download these apps to reap utmost shopping advantages.

10 Black Friday Apps You Should Be Considering For Effective Shopping

The wait is finally over as the Black Friday is here and the country has started their Christmas shopping. Every citizen may have a long list of items and gifts that are planning to give their loved ones. 

Since the shopping item has arrived, all the big online platforms prepared their portals with exciting deals that you can't afford to miss. Be cautious as you can also get surprises in the form of hefty deals and fixed discounts. 

But do you know where you should proceed with your Christmas shopping? Here's a list of best Black Friday apps that can help you accomplish all your shopping tasks in effective ways. 

Best Black Friday Apps

To make sure you don't miss out on any profitable deal, you need to have a smart assistant for the Black Friday shopping. This time we brought you 10 Best Black Friday apps that will help in finding the desired deals, comparing prices, keeping track of ads, shopping coupons.

1. Slickdeals - Grab the best deals for Black Friday

Slickdeals is the platform that incorporates more than 2 million deal hunters who post the best deal available for others on Black Friday. You need to open the app to find the most suitable deals on a variety of products hunted by others.

You can also set the alerts for a particular product that you have been looking for a long time. The Slickdeals will make your Black Friday shopping the best experience ever. 

2. Flip

Flip is also considered as one of the best Black Friday apps, helping users plan their Christmas shopping. Users can also utilize these apps to plan and search shopping items on a regular basis. The app finds out all the available flyers, coupons and discounts in your local areas that you get a printout and use to save a lot of money.

Flip App

Flip goes through all the brands and products to snatch some of the most valuable coupons of flyers before you hit the supermarket.


This is the companion app of the website that provides an unlimited supply of coupons to purchase smartly. The best part of the app is that it managed 300 categories including electronics, food, travel, clothing, accessories and many more.

You will find coupons for more than 15000 stores, brands, and restaurants on If you don't want to regret about Black Friday shopping the is the best coupon app for you.

4. The Coupons App

The coupon app is designed by keeping the users' perspective in mind that makes them sure that they save a lot on their purchase. This app specializes in finding the best coupons with maximum save for your purchase.

Coupons App

This app provides coupons and deals across 100,000 retailers. There is also a Black Friday section in the app that finds the best deals of the day for you. You can also set alerts and notification, along with national and local coupons available by changing the location for your Black Friday shopping.

5. Mint

Shopping on Black Friday is exciting and fun, but it could be a bit harsh in your pocket if you don't keep an eye on your expense. To ensure you do the shopping in the budget and also save some for the nest weekend, Mint is the best finance, budget and bills app.

The other benefits of using this app are that it liberates you from the worry about which credit card to use and check the available balance. The Mint app puts all the finance and card details in one place so, you don't need to fumble through the individual bank accounts during the Black Friday adventure.

6. ShopSavvy

When it comes to shopping smartly on the Black Friday the best move is to compare the prices among different retailers or shops. ShopSavvy is the best app for finding the best deal among various options. The app compares the price of the product across shops and on online platforms as well to give users a complete idea of whether they are making the right move or not.

ShopSavvy App

You can also scan the QR code of the item to know where you find it at the lowest price. You can also set alerts for the products when you plan your Black Friday shopping and the app alerts you when the price of the item drops and it's the perfect time to buy it.

7. DealNews Black Friday 2017

DealNews is the Black Friday dedicated mobile app to grab the best deal available for the special day. The app fetches the best deals available in stores such as Amazone, Best Buy, Target and other thousands of retailers.

You need to select the stores you want to purchase from and the app will pull all the available best deals to make your Black Friday shopping an exceptional experience. The app also constantly provides alerts and notification so never miss out on the potential deals.

8. Shopular

When it comes to deal alerts and notification there are numbers of apps available, but Shopular serves numerous benefits at once. The app not only notifies or pushes alerts for the most alluring deals but also lets you collect coupons and discounts for your purchase.


Shopular is the app that helps you save a lot of money during Black Friday. The app browses the best deals with the available coupons and discounts that you can use by entering the valid Coupon Code. 

Bonus: You can also earn cashback from the app on every purchase. 

9. Waze

The Roadblocks and traffic jams are obvious during Black Friday that probably becomes the hurdles in your Christmas shopping. The Waze app is the only app that is inclined to give users the option to plan their routes in advance so that no roadblocks or traffic can stop them from moving to celebrate their Black Friday adventure. 

The app is now owned by Google and updates you about the traffic, police activities, and other information with the help of other millions of users to take the right route. The app lets the users to share their driving experience and uses the information to update other users traveling through the same route.

10. Point Inside

Point Inside the most effective map pointing app, offering accurate routes to the malls and shopping centers nearby you. It also lets you know about the clean and traffic-free routes you can move through. The app provides an offline map of the malls to effectively plan your Black Friday shopping and make it less of a hassle. Point Inside App

The app will guide you to the malls with inbuilt maps of hundreds of malls across North America.

Ending Note:

It is suggested that whenever you choose any Black Friday app, make sure that you've checked all the reviews mentioned for it. Also, have a close tab on the company that has created the same app. If you find it reliable go with it. 

The list we have prepared contains all the well-researched apps that are the best and have gained immense market prominence. Go through the list and download the app you find suitable as per your preferences. 

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