Best 15 Social Media Apps for 2018
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Top 15 Social Media Apps Which Will Rule The World in 2018

Mobile social media is famous and it is fashionably followed by a huge user group around the globe 15 Social Media Apps Which Will Rule The World in 2018

Trending Social media apps have gained an immense popularity and are dominating the social media via mobile devices which is certainly more than of what social media websites are being able to do till now.

However, the scene is bit different if we look at the brand names. For instance WhatsApp and the messenger are based on a close position to be on top. They both are Facebook Inc.’s owned apps that’s why the competition is not aggressive. Though Instagram is also Facebook’s own social networking mobile app yet the competition is more aggressive among the apps which are owned by the companies which are different to each other. Asian apps are also increasingly becoming the part of this hot social networking mobile app trend.


Let’s have a look at the top Social Media App list –


WhatsApp has already added over 100 million of its monthly user group. Which means it has a huge user group which has shadowed Facebook messenger grades, turns out to be one of the best social media app


Wechat App

WeChat has crossed 70 million monthly users however, users are sliding down continuously. Talk about the position then the social media app like WeChat is below to WhatApp


Facebook is still dominating the list with 1.2+ billion monthly active social media app users. With an immense potential Facebook rules the world with numerous features.  



Instagram is another best Social media app idea which has become a sensation, it has now at least 700 million users around the globe it has been increasing day by day with the new developments Instagram is coming up with for engaging its users more



Twitter is a known real-time public microblogging network where the users can get new updates in the blink of an eye. It has been appreciated by most of the mobile social media app designers and the  users for its short word limit feature



LinkedIn is a huge mobile social media app for the professionals around the globe. It is extremely easy for the users to promote themselves and their business. They can increase their business connections while connecting with other professionals


Youtube App

YouTube is the second largest search engine, however, owned by Google itself. Though it can be recognized as totally separate mobile social media app which is expert in video streaming and also uploading the videos. From music to movies to personal videos to independent films, you name it and YouTube has it



Pinterest is another major player in mobile social media app which has been proving to the entire globe that how significant visual content is or could be. It is the fastest standalone mobile app which has reached more than 10 million monthly users which has made it a huge influencer


Google+ has become one of the fastest growing mobile social media app, like never before happened for the world. However, the search giant has fallen a few times when we talk about Google Buzz and Google Wave yet it has pulled its speed with Google+ having a huge mobile social media app customer base


Snapchat is an awesome mobile social media app which has captivated million hearts already. Idea of Snapchat is not only attractive but also it is one of the most unique features like, self-destructive ‘Snaps’ and the users are able to send a picture or a short video as a message which automatically disappears after few seconds



Flicker is Yahoo’s favorite photo-sharing app for mobile social media. Users can easily upload the photos, create albums, and showcase the photography skills among the social circle via mobile app




Swarm app is a Foursquare location-based mobile social media networking app which help the users to share their check-ins, chat to plan a meeting at the desired location. Since launch Foursquare has introduced more features to this mobile social media app



Tumblr has been exceptionally popular as it is widely used by the young generation and also for showcasing its attractive features like customized blog share platform and versatile blog contents. It has been a favorite of mobile social media app for providing a blog writing and discussion platform



Reddit with its nicest design is a happening place for the mobile social media app users. It hold a strong community of an intelligent group of people who discuss, chat share pictures and videos.



Kik is another famously favorite of the users when it comes to instant messaging mobile app. This mobile social media app is capable of providing a platform for chat via Kik username instead of the phone numbers.

Check what mobile social media apps people are using around the globe and add more to your mobile phones. Stay tuned for stylish social media apps on your mobile.

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