10 Best Christmas Apps for the Holiday Season
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10 Best Christmas Apps for iOS Android & Desktop Devices

List of the best Free Christmas Apps for iPhone

10 Best Christmas Apps for iOS Android & Desktop Devices

Christmas is around the corner, and you have got so much to finish. Your Christmas chorus may not have been completed yet, and you may be looking out for ways to conclude the things.

We bring you the latest collection of the ten best Christmas game apps for your Android and iOS devices to take off the burden off your shoulders.

 Best Christmas Apps

1. Christmas Wish Quote Greetings

Christmas wish quotes greetings are the best android Christmas app, which offers a compilation of the best quotes, greetings, wishes, and messages. This free Christmas apps android has some of the most exceptional features for the users and lets them customize the messages as per the wish.

The customized background adds too much fun to the texts and the quotes that have been featured in the application.

Christmas Quote

Price: free

2. 12 Days of Christmas Games

This free Christmas app for iOS is a bundle full of surprises. Download the best Christmas app, and the users will be given a chance to play and discover 12 free games. The best iOS app has background music composed of North Pole studios.

It has special holiday music that entices the users and brings back the festive mood for them. The fresh festive and jazzy tunes are a thing to listen to.

Price: free

3. Appy Christmas  

The free iOS Christmas app is a wonderful offering for the Christmas lovers. The app has fun elements, including the countdown of days until Christmas arrives.

The users can also calculate the hours and the minutes left for Christmas. Install this free iOS Christmas app to see the Santa transform into reindeer. The HD graphics, along with the app, make this Christmas photo app worth playing.

Price: free

4. Where’s Santa?

The free iOS Christmas mobile app game on your Apple device is an excellent offering to the users as it lets them travel the world along with Santa. An animated marker helps the user know the location of Santa along with descriptive messages that let them know what he is doing.

Santa keeps dropping some letters at the top of the screen at every location he is going to visit.

Where's Santa

Price: free

5. Christmas Quiz X Mas Special

The free Christmas android app is there for those who wish to test their knowledge about Christmas. There are different levels that users need to cross through by solving the questions based on Christmas.

Fill up your necessary information with this free Android Christmas app, and you are ready to play the game. Finish each level by answering the questions that have been compiled in the application.

Price: free

6. Santa’s Bag - Christmas Gift List

This free iOS Christmas app is the shopping bag for the users. The free iOS mobile app includes features of managing the gift, budget, and creating the wishlist. With this free Christmas app for iPhone, managing the Christmas chorus becomes easier.

The app makes Christmas shopping like a never before experience for the users. The users can also manage and keep track of gifts for different people.

Santa's Bag

Price: free

7. A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas is among one of the best iOS Christmas apps for the users. Different characters in the app are on a mission to know the true meaning of Christmas.

If you know the meaning, help these characters know the true essence of Christmas. This is a universal applicational meaning it will play on all your Apple devices.

Price: $ 4.99

8. Letters To Santa Claus Free

The best iOS Christmas mobile app for users of all ages. The app meant to serve especially to the children, and let them write as many letters as they want to Santa Claus.

The free iOS Christmas app sends the response back to your children as soon as they open the app for the next time. The app engages the users in the application with exciting offerings.

Letter to Santa

Price: free

9. Christmas Blocks

This free Christmas apps android is a time-killing application for the users. This addictive free android mobile game is very much similar to bubble propel game having a twist for the users.

There is a fall of snow along with many other wintery items, and the users need to collect these offerings that are trying to take over the game. The users must tap on the two identical items to score points.

Price: free

10. Christmas Quest

Christmas Quest is a free Christmas android game that lets users collect snowballs, toys, and tools. The users need to collect the toys and tools in Santa’s sack so that he could distribute them to the children.

Christmas Quest

Price: free

The Last Word

It was all about the ten best free Christmas apps for your iOS & Android devices. However, the list of such applications is a huge one, but we have compiled the names of the most used free Christmas apps that have huge downloads. As these applications are available free of cost, you can add these to your list to make your Christmas celebrations more meaningful.

The apps are available in the distinctive category, and thus, you can choose the one that suits your requirements. Enjoy browsing through these apps, and let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

Merry Christmas, Folks!!

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