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It is Important to Know About App Development Outsourcing

How to find the best mobile app outsourcing company? Be responsible, know what you should know to find the best one for your app development project.

It is Important to Know About App Development Outsourcing

Are you following the crowd or do you want to stand out of the crowd? If you want to find the best app Development Company then find the best way to do it here. To take your business around the globe you have to think out of the box. Every business needs strong marketing strategies and no wonder that mobile phones have turned out to be the strongest mode which is ruling the world in the diverse business industries.  Well, it is challenging to find the best mobile app outsourcing company which can suffice all your mobile app development needs. Certainly, you don’t want to end up working with the developers who restrict their thoughts and communication yet showcase a bigger picture to attract business. Mobile app development has become imperative to generate immense revenues and an increased business growth. Users spend at least 53-55% time on the smartphones over mobile apps. This survey has been the biggest driving force behind many business lines to go ahead with the mobile app development. 


Outsourcing the mobile app development project for iOS and Android platforms to a team of app development experts is a good solution. The potential benefit is in terms of great resource management which will create more opportunities for the app development agencies to be a success in the market.

Know your App -

Understand and analyze the requirements of your business thoroughly i.e. need for the app development. Analyze the features that you want in the mobile app like,

  • Layout of complete project description
  • Requirement or aim of this app
  • Budget for the app development project
  • Single mobile platform or is it going to be a multi-platform mobile app development
  • What features it should have
  • What kind of services it should be providing
  • How the features going to be beneficial for the business
  • Is social media integration required
  • Do you want your app development agile or waterfall
  • What is the timeline that your project requires – set the timelines

Once, you are done with the complete analysis of your app type and to be designed features move to the next level of finding the best place to outsource app development.

List out Important Factors Before hiring App Development Outsourcing Agency –

1-    Talk to every company

Get in touch with all the app development companies. It is one way to identify the best among various. Check the professional levels of the company.

2-   Understand their work process

It is going to give you an idea whether it will be useful to take forward the conversation or not. The team, timing, strategies etc.

3-    Read the reviews about app outsourcing companies

Ensure that you go through all their reviews so that you can get an idea about the developer team before getting into the long conversation with them

4-  Finalize top three best places to outsource app development

Select the top three companies who are a professional app development team who can give you less or no cost risks

5-   The app development company should have its own brand

The app development outsourcing company should own their brand name on their website and social media which will ensure more about their product and service and an assurance of best results

6-   Check with their relevant experience in the market or domain

The application development company for android and iOS platforms should hold the relevant experience of providing app solutions into or similar to your domain/field

7  -  They should be able to understand your requirements to the core

Understanding levels of an app development outsourcing firm should be apt enough to figure out your business needs in regards to the app and its features and what innovations can be done

8-  Ask for demo

Ask for a sample work, it will give you an idea about the tools they use, innovation levels they can go through and how flawless they can work within the timelines

9 -  Communication should be active and prompt

Prompt Initial communication till the end is a must by app development outsourcing agency. they should be staying in touch with the daily updates, and discussions etc. they should be suggesting you the different ways of innovations that can be done etc. should be prompt in providing the recommendations and extraordinary updates regarding the features or the technology.


Check important parameters

Important parameters of App Development

1 - Cost

Decide as per the above parameters matched, a fixed price doesn’t essentially qualify for the best results so ensure you stand by your budget and even if you want to change your mind to increase then check with the outcome first

2- Quality

Quality should be upto the mark, it mean less improvement required once it is done. Again, quality is related to the cost directly so keep a check on the outcome. Communication also has an importance here as more the communication will be more clear the app development will have regarding your business needs.

3- Timeline

Ensure that the app development outsourcing company is apt to work within the timelines if they delay it more than what you decided that the entire hard work can go for a waste. Technology is changing every day surely you don’t want to give your users something which is not something very new. Prepare milestones for each step so that from your end you can keep a check and let the team know in case any improvements or suggestions are required.

4- UI\UX

For any app to succeed it is important that UI\UX design has to be out of the box and unmatched. It helps in usability and testing. It is supposed to help and build an awesome name for your brand.

5 - Try and meet the app development team personally

Check for the team strength, designers, and developers their area of expertise and the tools they work with. It is important that the app developer team should have impeccable hands on over the latest technology. They should know how to work on a multi-platform app development using the high-end technology. While you meet them in person interview the team on one-on-one basis where you will be able to gauge their professional and skill levels

6 - Work on the agile approach

Agile is an extremely disciplined management process which encourages regular inspection and adaptation. It is more than apt to provide continuous improvement and flexible response to the change. So, certainly, it is going to be the best methodology to work on.


While selecting mobile app development agency avoid few things:

  • Avoid putting more pressure than required if the team is professional enough
  • Ensure for the professional testing, that will help in identifying the issues and bugs before the final launch

Many times some of the app development firms really look attractive on the papers, but some happen to fail in even meeting the expectations where going beyond the same is out of question. So to avoid falling in to the situations like these and get clear communication is a must which by anyhow should be your priority as well as the company making the tie up for the App development project.

Constant review of the mobile app development project is going to be a much beneficial effort made in regards to iOS and Android apps. Intensify the interaction with the mobile app developers once the mobile app development project reaches to the Beta stage, reason being it need continuous review because it is the most critical levels of the mobile app development.  

The mobile app market is still evolving and certainly holds strong potential for the bright future. The huge change in the Android app development trends. After Google modified and upgraded the Android versions, this application has been able to gain a huge LCB (Loyal Customer Base) around the globe. Updates and upgrades are not limited to a certain level of innovation yet it is increasing day by day. This huge success has inspired a great amount of app developers around the mobile app industry.

There are numerous portals which are efficient in providing the mobile app development business across the diverse business industries for iOS and Android platforms. For instance, e-commerce, education, health, hospitality, retail, entertainment and gaming mobile apps.

In mobile app industry there are some most popular and trusted portals are available for mobile app development. To name a few are:



Appdexa is one of the most reliable source who is highly efficient to provide trustworthy partners to their clients. They are energetic in their approach, and keeps the security and safety of their clients as a top priority. With an increased levels of their expertise through the years it a perfect match for the clients to meet their requirements.

Clutch -


Clutch is an amazing platform which has been delighting its clients in any and everything which is related to the industry i.e. advertising & marketing, web & software development, mobile app development, IT services & solutions etc.

Upwork –


Upwork is comprised with the range of great talent which has picks from programmers to designers, writers, customer support reps and much more.


To conclude:

It is absolutely easy to get in touch with the best mobile app development companies, if these points are kept in mind beforehand. To level up with the competition and stand out of the crowd consider outsourcing mobile app development project to reliable and innovative company which should be able to handle and serve all your business requirements.

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