Top 20 Most Successful Android Apps Of 2018
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Top 20 Most Successful Android Apps Of 2018

Know More About The Best 20 Android Apps for 2018

Top 20 Most Successful Android Apps Of 2018

Android’s app ecosystem is probably the best thing about the man clothed in all green. Right from the beginning android as an operating system has kept surprising the audience because of the best Android app features, it offers to the users. Being one of the most referred to operating system Android has attained global popularity.

While Android is an exceptional operating system, the applications for android are exceptional too owing to the exceptional features it offers to the users. While some of these apps cost you a few bucks other come free of cost and that is something that entices the users.

Top 20 Most Successful Android Apps Of 2018

1. Google Maps

The best android apps ever in the navigation category. The app tells you all about the traffic conditions, choked roads, the location of places and alternative to avoid heavy traffic areas. A recent update has now made it easy to have offline maps for the users. All these features make it the best navigational map ever.

Google Maps

2. Google Play Music & Youtube

Google play music and youtube offer the best way to stream music. There is a music video, educational videos, news videos and probably all that users would ever want to stream online. There are subscription programs that users can opt for getting premium services.

Google Play Music

3. Nova Launcher

The app comes under the category of the best launchers. There have been some of the best updates for this launcher from mobile app developers that have helped Nova Launcher be on the list of the best apps. The app offers a number of customization features for the app screen and app drawer.

Nova launcher

4. Netflix

Netflix falls into the category of entertainment apps with video streaming. The content is available in a huge category for the users and thus the users can browse as per their interest. The app offers knowledge in a number of segments to the users that they can browse through as per the preference.


5. Spotify

It is the full-fledged music streaming mobile application that helps android mobile app users to stream music from any type of device. It allows users to make their own playlist, follow a favorite artist in addition to giving the users an option to sync the track for offline listening. it ‘s an app to discover new music.


6. Apple Music

Another video and music streaming that offer access to Apple’s exceptional library of music. The users have also the choice of Apple’s Beats 1 radio station. With Apple Music, the users have the option of streaming through current hit and upcoming music. Celebrity DJ play is an additional plus for the users.

Apple Music

7. NYTimes

NYTimes is the app for you if you want to have all the information regarding the latest news. One of the best news apps for the users offers the daily dose of information to the users and help them remain updated with the news from all across the globe. Users can also customize the news feeds as per their preference.


8. The Washington Post

Being America’s most popular newspaper, The Washington Post has got a beautiful mobile application. There are beautiful images and colorful menus for the users in order to entice them towards the applications. It is a beautiful application that offers top-notch content to users.

The Washington Post

9. TheScore

The app is one favorite to those who wish to know every up and down of the sports news, stats, and videos. The users have the option to get live news coverage and alert and stats on the latest game. The app gives news about the latest sports event and global competition.


10. CBS Sports

Another impressive app for Android mobile app users that offers the latest news and happening to users from all across the globe. The app gives free access to users to watch live games and important sports events.


11. ESPN

It is an app for a die-hard sports lover. There is quick buzz available for users on their favorite sports team including MLB, NFL, MLS, NHL, and more. The fact that users get news and happenings about their favorite teams makes the app one impressive for the users.


12. Kindle

The app is one favorite to those who live for the love of reading and for the users who do not own a Kindle. For the same reason, kindle comes under the category of the favorite Android mobile app and let the users ready ebook on their smartphones.

From best-sellers to the classic, Kindle is a joy for the readers.


13. Steam

A favorite android mobile app for users to connect with the steam community. There is the option of chat in this android mobile application making it a favorite to the users. The Android app users not only can chat with their friends but also can read the latest gaming app news while browsing through the application.


14. PlayStation App

One of the best android apps for the users to take your PlayStation experience to a whole new level altogether. The mobile app lets the users connect with gaming friends to help you play the game you love. Thus, to all the Android mobile app lovers the app offers an exceptional playing experience.

PlayStation App

15. Applock

One of the best android apps for the users to keep their photos, videos, and other personal stuff safe within their smartphone through a smart lock pattern. As per their preferences, android app users can select any of the patterns they love in order to keep their things safe and secure.

Applock App

16. Google Assistant

With just tap, users have the option of asking anything that they want information on. For Android mobile app users, it is an application that gives them access to know the info on traffic, any current event, or news.

Android app users can simply ask their queries by asking OK Google tell me the weather forecast for the day!  

Google Assistant

17. Instagram

This android mobile app is all about capturing your favorite moment and sharing it with the rest of the world. The app helps you share and discover accounts of your favorite celebrity, friends, and families. Mobile app users can also chat with their near and dear ones through Instagram chats.


18. Twitter

Twitter is a one-stop shop destination right from political news to the latest celebrity happening and to a trend that is trending globally. Android app users can join the conversation on Twitter to give their personal feedbacks on ongoing loops.


19. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the messaging app not only for android mobile app users but also for other operating systems too. Users can send messages, videos, keep on chatting and do the audio and video calling free of cost. All that it requires is a strong internet connection.


20. Tinder

Tinder is the dating app for those people who are looking to have a dating match for them. The app caters to the global audience in order to let the users find a perfect match for themselves.


This is the roundup of the best 20 android mobile applications that cater to global users. The apps are available for free and thus the users can download any of the apps from the given link.

Price: Free

Google Play Store

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