Apple Leak Unveiled Radical New iPhone X


Apple’s iPhone x is more than a smartphone to a lot of users. It is certainly been called the future of the smartphones, though the latest leak has said a lot about its features.

Latest iPhone leak suggests that Apple’s 2018 range and iPhones with stainless steel metal frames and OLED displays are the current focus in the mobile market industry. Apple is going towards updating the internal hardware while it is going to retain the design used earlier which was 5.8 inch OLED screen.


The new model is still in the middle of two high-end models, it is anticipated through the leak that it will have a 6.1-inch screen and it will stay with the home buttonless design like that of iPhone X. Required sensors will be implemented for the FaceID. Undoubtedly, Apple is going to put a lot of branding power into the world of technology. Curiosity has been raised on the point of a 6.1-inch model which is going to use LCD technology instead of OLED.

iphone X Screen

In spite of the fact that the screen is going to be large, it is going to lower down the price to the current price of iPhone 8. It is only the screen material Apple is most comfortable with only for the reason that it requires less R&D. With the beginning of New Year Apple is all set to remove the maximum or all the bugs and all the possible production issues that may arise with the FaceID feature. FaceID is anticipated to become one of the best and a unique feature of the selling point of iPhone. To implement this feature in all of its ranges Apple is surely stepping towards reducing the per unit price over the component.


Well, this is going to be the answer against the pricey OLED handsets. Though the 5.8 inch iPhone X is a pricey deal and the larger version is not going to be cheaper not in the near future. Now, LCD built iPhone X is set to carry on with the low price tag in the Apple phone range. It is a relief for the users and the lovers of iPhone who earlier were not able to afford the Apple beauty because of the high prices. This bounce back is certainly going to create the waves in the iPhone sale for New Year.

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