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Snapchat Added New Context Cards Feature To Tell Users More About The Cool Locations

Swipe up and know everything about the place

Innovation published date 8th November, 2017 James Lawson

Snapchat Context cards

Location sharing via social media channels ahs become a all time thing for users, but Snapchat is taking it one step further. On Tuesday, Snapchat launched a feature named “Context Cards”  in its app that shares more information about the location shared by a user with the Snap. The attached information would be - how far the location is, restaurants and hotels to visit with their menu.


In order to provide precise and useful information, Snapchat partnered with Foursquare and  Tripadvisor. Whenever a Snapchat user will share a Snap attaching the location either by public our story or any venue filter others can swipe up to see the details. Swiping up the Snap will give information including maps, menus, hours of operation, reviews and ratings from the customers to other Snapchat users.

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Snapchat may leverage the new feature by making users to use its location option more. The app already has many interesting features such as Snap Map, location-based filters and much more that requires location sharing. The new location details sharing add-on will allure the more users to attach their location to the Snap.

Snapchat Context Cards

Along with the more location-based Snaps company can also earn revenue from this new feature. By swiping up context cards, location based hotels and restaurant can advertise their business by offering discounts and coupons to the users. However, currently, these cards are only for the information purpose to help the users. A user can know at which place their friends are hanging out and know about the places with detailed information.

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In order to expand its advertisement business, Snapchat can smartly use its location-based data of the user. This could help the company to know the user and target the user-oriented ad campaigns for other companies. Companies like Facebook and Twitter also have their business promotion strategies and WhatsApp has recently released its Business app for business to target the potential customers.

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