Custom Mobile App Development - A User's Guide That Explains Everything
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Custom Mobile App Development: A User's Guide That Explains Everything

All About The innovative trends in mobile app development.

Custom Mobile App Development: A User\'s Guide That Explains Everything

Have you ever came across the word “custom mobile application”? If yes, congrats, you are well-aware with the latest trends in mobile app development. If no, here is your chance to get acquaintance with this emerging trend. This trend is catching up in the above-mentioned business owing to its many advantages. Mobile apps are mandatory for today’s business world and every company is aiming to make big revenues with such services.

This sector is experiencing a boom of all time. And, thus the market is growing like never before making custom apps the trendiest one. And, to remain the number one choice for their customers, companies are offering custom development as their premier services.

The Basics Explained

Custom apps are basically the apps created by the development companies on the demands of clients to fulfill their requirements. They are designed with limited features based on precise requirements targeting the limited number or group of audience.

As businesses are becoming specific, custom development services are helping the professionals develop those features only in the apps that are required to the clients. The applications that are customized as per clients’ demand need less time, investment and the efforts, that's why these apps are grabbing the attention of the enterprises.

The Need for Custom Apps

In a race to extract maximum revenue, you need to be attached solely to digital technology. The custom application is the thing now that clients and businesses are opting for alike. So from development point of view, custom apps are making the buzz. However, when it comes to the cost, it is a bit high from average development charges.

Some facts:

The cost of development is quite high due to the demands. Whereas the custom apps have limited features and attributes along with few functionalities, so it costs less.

  • Most of the startups and enterprises opt for customization to just get the core requirements.

  • The time period needed to develop a custom app is much less than what it takes to develop fully featured app.

Every company follows certain standards or operational flowchart for development irrespective of the category. For example, if companies wish to develop an E-commerce app, the basic structure remains the same as a normal mobile application, which is the basic guide for every company to follow. But in custom apps, the developing team puts the guide aside to fully concentrate on the clients’ requirements in order to develop the same.

different sectors of development

Tools That Facilitate Custom App Development

Developing apps with specific features is not a cakewalk. And, when it comes to including the specific features, the task becomes even more challenging. These challenges include creating the layout, ensuring the code is functional for the framework, as well as providing the best user experience. A basic app needs all these considerations so that it would win over the client's hearts. And, to ensure including these concerns in the best possible way, mobile app developers can opt for following technologies.

These are the tools that help in the development of custom applications.

Advantages Of Custom Mobile Apps

Improved Efficiency

Since the custom apps are designed by keeping the clients’ particular requirements in the mind, it helps the company to concentrate on the main functionality. As the app is tailored to suit the owner’s working style it helps in enhancing the performance and productivity leading to higher efficiency.

Integrates with other software

While developing the custom apps, clients can ask the developers to integrate the app with some software that will be needed in future to operate the same. These custom apps can be integrated with WordPress multisite in order to obtain better experience while handling the app from the server end.

Easy Maintenance

For non-custom app, you need to hire a full-time developer to offer him the complete access. In case the developer decides to discontinue the services, you are left with the requirement of hiring a new professional. Whereas in customization, you have full control and authority of the same.

Low Investment

Due to less attribute and less effort needed by the developers, customization requires low investment. For a startup or an enterprise looking for such services, the custom app is the best choice.

Less Time Needed In Development

The time required by the developers to build a custom app is way less than the console apps. Generally, an app requires months to get developed and ready to go live, but customs apps can be developed in a few weeks’ time.

Security To Data

General apps may lack the data security but the case is not similar to custom applications. Custom apps have built-in security feature that adds to the complete app security.

Real-time Access Is Possible

Real-time access to a project helps a client to know the stage of development. Even after the project is developed, it is actually in clients’ favor to have the complete information on the same. Custom development makes it possible to get such information.

Helps To Boost Relationship With The Clients

Customized apps are developed as per the requirements of the clients. And, in order to understand the basic requirements the developers need to be in constant touch with their clients. Moreover, any update if released on the products is immediately sent to the clients. This bounds the relationship between the developers and the clients.  

A glimpse on how demand of custom mobile app has increased in all these years:

chart details

Some Facts Around Custom Development

  • Google Play downloads have exceeded 19.2 billion

  • iOS downloads have exceeded 8.2 billion

  • Out of every 5 minutes, users spend 4 minutes browsing through mobile apps only

  • As per a Gartner report, 50% of mobile apps deployed will be hybrid

  • A record revenue of $ 15.1 billion was registered in the year 2012, as reported by CMOCouncil.Org

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